Home Health Breast Health Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Breasts?

Breast Health Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Breasts?


Test Your Breast Knowledge With This Quiz

Some are small, some big; some face inwards, some face outwards; some are heavy on the top, some are heavy at the bottom — but all breasts are beautiful, no matter the size, shape and appearance. Going bra shopping or feeling heavenly after having ditched them during the lockdown is all great fun. But other than deciding whether to cover them or not, do you think about your breast health? Find out how much thought you should give your breast health on a regular basis. Take this quiz to see much you know about your breasts! Also, take this quiz to find out if you’re at an increased risk for breast cancer.

1. What breast changes should be brought to the attention of a doctor?
2. What is the best way to detect breast cancer in its earliest form?
3. Which of the following statements is correct?
4. What are the symptoms of breast disorders?
5. What form of nipple discharge can indicate a bigger problem?
6. What is one exercise you can do to keep breasts perky?
7. How can very large breasts affect your body?
8. How often should one perform a breast self-exam?
9. What should you do to ease breast pain after giving birth?
10. When is the best time of the month to do a breast self-exam?
11. How many types of nipples are there?
12. Which bra is usually worn under an off-shoulder, strapless or halter-neck outfit for a perfect look?
13. What are the common mistakes while selecting a bra?
14. Which of the following statements is not correct?
15. Which of the following can cause boob pain?



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