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Budget Shopper: 9 Bras Under Rs 450 That Feel Like A Million Bucks

Budget Shopper: 9 Bras Under Rs 450 That Feel Like A Million Bucks

Let’s be honest, expensive lingerie is great but it’s not practical. Sure, it’s nice to have some designer-label intimate wear in your wardrobe for special occasions, but when it comes to high quality, you really don’t need to spend Rs 1,200 for a bra to get the perfect fit, support and shape. And that’s why we’re loving Zivame’s Grand Lingerie Festival

Live from 1st March to 7th March 2023, the brand is offering up to 70% OFF across styles like T-shirt bras, sports bras, strapless bras, push-up bras, and underwired bras, among others. What’s more, the sale also extends to their now-viral saree shapewear and other categories like nightwear, activewear, and loungewear.

On that note, Abhi Toh GLF Shuru Hua Hai, and we’re already adding to cart our top favourites. At Rs 450 a bra after discount, if this isn’t enough to give you FOMO, we don’t know what is! 

Best Affordable Bras Under Rs 450 To Shop & Save Big In 2023

From soft and comfortable fabrics to cups that offer you full coverage and back straps that tuck you in, here are our favourite affordable bras to shop and save big from the Zivame Grand Lingerie Festival.

1. T-Shirt Bra For Daily Wear

The perfect everyday bra, this style fits like second skin. The inbuilt pads prevent peek-a-boo nipples, while the moulded cups and underwire offer your breasts the support they need seamlessly. Available in 44 exciting colours, the bra comes with gradient straps which means that as you go a size up, the strap width increases to ensure your breasts have adequate lift and support.

What We Love: The 3/4th coverage of the cups works well for every breast size. It’s enough to give you a little cleavage when you want to wear a V-neck, yet subtle so if you dress modestly you’re completely covered.

Price: Buy 2 at Rs 799 (Rs 399 a bra) or Buy 3 at Rs 1,099 (Rs 366 a bra)

Shop Zivame Padded Wired 3/4th Coverage T-Shirt Bra today.

2. Relaxed Sports Bra For Cardio Workouts

You can work up quite a sweat when you’re running, jogging, jumping rope, or even doing burpees. And this bra is just what you need because it is medium compression which makes it comfortable enough for cardio workouts. The bra features a cross-back which helps secure your boob bounce; not to mention, it looks extremely sexy. 

What We Love: The sports bra has removable pads so you can go with or without them depending on the fit of your workout top. 

Price: Buy 1 at Rs 429 or Buy 3 @Rs 399 each

Shop Amour Secret Relaxed Sports Bra on Zivame today.

3. Super Support Bra For Plus-Size Beauties

Calling out to all curvy beauties, don’t settle for ugly basic bras. This one from Zivame’s True Curv line is called Tuscan Romance (Peach). Available in 14 shades, it is non-padded so that it doesn’t add volume to your outfit, but the cups have double layered fabric so you still get adequate nipple coverage. The underwire provides additional support and lift for plus-size babes.

What We Love: The broad back and straps help smooth out any spillage which is rarely the case with regular bras.

Price: Buy 2 at Rs 799 (Rs 399 a bra) or Buy 3 at Rs 1,099 (Rs 366 a bra)

Shop Zivame True Curv Tuscan Romance Super Support Bra today.

4. Strapless Bra For Those Off-Shoulder Tops

Everyone needs a good strapless bra that won’t fail them, and it’s tough to find a high-quality one in the affordable pile. But, you’d be surprised how well this bra works to keep your breasts in place. It comes with medium padded cups for adequate nipple coverage and better breast shape. The high underwire helps lift your breasts, while the 3/4th coverage prevents spillage from the armholes and side boobs.

What We Love: The width of the back strap increases as you go a size up so the bra adapts well to larger sizes, providing adequate support and not having the strap fold and collapse on itself.

Price: Buy 2 at Rs 799 (Rs 399 a bra) or Buy 3 at Rs 1,099 (Rs 366 a bra)

Shop Zivame Padded Wired 3/4th Coverage Strapless Bra today.

5. No Sag Bra For A Little Extra Lift, If You Need It

We’ve always known that a bra can affect the way your breasts appear under an outfit. But, did you know that certain styles can help you uplift your breasts without being as painful as wired push-up bras? Try this non-padded sag lift bra for size. It has moulded cups for a smooth shape, is wire-free, and the non-stretch fabric in the cups area keeps your breasts sitting high and perky.

What We Love: The 3/4th coverage and broad back strap provide support preventing spillage from armholes, sides and back.

Price: Buy 2 at Rs 799 (Rs 399 a bra) or Buy 3 at Rs 1,099 (Rs 366 a bra)

Shop Zivame True Curv 3/4th Coverage Sag Lift Bra today.

6. Lace Bralette To Wear As A Top

The bralette is a model-off-duty look that has been in trend for over a decade. From international celebs like Rihanna and Bella Hadid to Bollywood beauties like Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif, they’ve all been photographed in the bralette. Jump on the trend with this lace bralette available in pink and black. It is non-padded but has double layered cups for nipple coverage. Available in up to an XL fit, this stunner is good for bigger sizes too.

What We Love: The shimmer straps and back make this bralette a great piece to be worn by itself as a crop top.

Price: Buy 2 at Rs 799 (Rs 399 a bra) or Buy 3 at Rs 1,099 (Rs 366 a bra)

Shop Zivame Disco Double Layered 3/4th Coverage Bralette today.

7. Push-Up Bra For A Moderate Breast Lift To Add Some Oomph

Did you know that push-up bras have different levels of lift? A level 2, this bra offers a moderate lift that looks most natural while providing cleavage. It is wired for support and shape, provides medium coverage, and is available in 4 colour variants.

What We Love: Not only does this push-up bra provide a modest lift, but it also makes you look 1 cup size up because of its clever construction and padding.

Price: Rs 448

Shop Zivame Beautiful Basics Push-Up Bra today.

8. Minimiser Bra For Heavy-Chested Women Looking For Control Shapewear

If you wish to make your breasts appear smaller without looking squished, you have to try this minimizer bra. It’s designed to compress your chest evenly so that you look one cup size smaller without feeling choked or having spillage from the back and sides, thanks to the full-coverage fit.

What We Love: The bra is high-wired for increased support and lift while the stretch in the fabric of the cups is low to reduce bounce.

Price: Rs 400

Shop Zivame Beautiful Basics Single Layered Wired Full Coverage Minimiser Bra In Black today.

9. Backless Bras To Match Your Backless Outfits

If you’re bringing sexy back with your clothes, look no further than this supportive backless bra. It provides 3/4th coverage in the front while the strap at the back is transparent. The double layered cups offer support and nipple coverage, and the bra has non-moulded cups for a smooth bust shape.

What We Love: Because the back strap isn’t as thick, the bra comes with inbuilt side shapers to smooth the back and sides from spillage. The bra also has a side closure so that it’s easy to wear and take off.

Price: Rs 359 for 1 or Rs 999 for 4

Shop Zivame Beautiful Basics 3/4th Coverage Backless Bra today.

5 Wash & Care Tips To Preserve The Fit Of Your Bras

  1. Hand Wash Your Bras: Tossing your bras into the washing machine is a big no-no. It saps them of their elasticity far more than regular wear and tear do. At times, machine washing has the opposite effect, making the straps tighter. This leaves the scope for shoulder and back pains and ugly marks from the straps almost digging into your skin. 
  2. Use Cold Water: Hot, or even lukewarm water, has the same effect on your lingerie as churning them in a washing machine does. When your bras come in contact with hot water, even for a short duration of time, it breaks down their elasticity. This in turn affects their fit, making them uncomfortable for you.
  3. Select Your Detergent Carefully: Your bras react adversely to the harmful effects of alcohol and bleach—two ingredients that are common in most detergents. These break down the spandex, lycra, and elastane fibres in your bra. Not just that, they also make your favourite colours and oh-so-cute prints fade in no time. You notice fine prints on the lines of “tackles tough stains” on the packaging of your detergent and be cautioned that it is not best-suited for your lingerie. Instead, pick a gentle detergent. 
  4. Don’t Wear The Same Bra On Consecutive Days: You need time to breathe and rest to come back afresh, don’t you? So does your bra. This helps you to retain your bra shape, ensuring that you don’t lose the fit quickly because of overuse. 
  5. Don’t Tumble Dry: Your bras don’t react well to being tumbled dry, especially if they are wired. Lay them flat while drying instead of hanging them to further preserve elasticity.

On that note, we’ll leave you to make the most of the Zivame Grand Lingerie Festival which is running up to 70% off and an additional 10% off for Kotak debit and credit card holders. Live from 1st March to 7th March, here’s an exclusive discount coupon for The Channel 46 readers. Use code ZIVCH46 to get an additional Rs 150 Off and free shipping on a cart value of Rs 1,099 and above. 

What are you waiting for? Shop the GLF sale on Zivame today

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