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Budget Shopper: 7 Heat Protectant Serums Under Rs 810 To Prevent Hair Damage

Budget Shopper: 7 Heat Protectant Serums Under Rs 810 To Prevent Hair Damage

The end result of using hair styling tools – 👏. But the harm that it does to your hair is immense. They sap the natural oil of your precious locks, leaving it looking dry, dull, lifeless, frizzy, and also increases the chances of breakage. But, worry not, iske upay hai! Apply a full drops of heat protectant serum from the root of your strands to the tips to protect your tresses from the harmful effects of your styling tools and, ta-da, you can experiment with interesting hairstyles using your styling tools without compromising on healthy hair.

Know more about 7 of the most popular heat protectant serums under Rs 810 for you to pick one that is the best suited for your hair type.

1. Streax Pro Hair Serum VITA GLOSS

Quite a versatile hair serum and that too at an affordable price! It is suitable for normal hair as much as it is for coloured and chemically straightened tresses. The lightweight serum does not feel heavy on the hair, which is one of its primary USPs. 


Price: Rs 161

2. Biolage Matrix Smoothproof Avocado 6 in 1 Hair Serum

One of the most in-demand heat protection hair serums for a very long time and rightly so! The lightweight, non-greasy texture enriched with the goodness of avocado acts as a protective layer, safeguarding your delicate tresses from the ill-effects of blow drying and styling. It ensures that the strands remain tangle-free and smooth while you’re using the heating products. On the flip side, it may not be as good for curry hair.

Price: Rs 295


3. Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum

Another very popular hair serum for using before you get your styling tools out of your wardrobe. It serves as just the barrier that you need between the hair strands and heat and chemicals of the tools, preserving hair health. What’s more, it also keeps your hair hydrated without leaving behind a greasy residue. The flip side is that the fragrance might not be appealing to everyone.

Price: Rs 300

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4. Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Hair Repair Heat Protection Spray

On the lookout for a hair serum that prevents frizz, breakage, and saps your tresses of its nourishment? Think about investing in this one. To top that, this spray controls split ends too and maintains the natural look of your hair. But, this spray may not be the best for wavy hair and the fragrances aren’t that great too. 

Price: Rs 440

5. BBlunt Blown Away – Volumizing Leave-In Spray Hair Styler

Have bejaan, dull hair and are afraid to ruin it even more with your styling tools, look no further. The magic ingredients like meadowfoam seed extract, wheat protein, and pro-vitamin 5 saves your hair from just that. It works great on frizzy as well as coloured hair while protecting it from heat and pollution. However, it may not be suitable if you have oily hair.


Price: Rs 550

6. Berina Hair Heat Protector Hair Styler

You need to ensure that you apply this hair serum only on squeaky clean hair. That means, you have to wash your hair every time you apply this product before using hair styling tools. Apply it about 5 minutes before you put these tools into action, and you can be rest assured that no damage is being done to your precious mane. With an appealing fragrance, you can’t go wrong with this one, although it may leave your hair frizzy.

Price: Rs 580


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7. Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum

When you want to protect your hair from the possible damaging and burning effects of hair dryers and styling tools, this is one hair serum that you can pick. It nourishes your hair with olive oil and seals the cuticles from the heat and chemicals, serving as a protective layer. This too is lightweight and has a mild, soothing fragrance. However, be careful with the quantity that you use because too much of it can leave your strands heavy and weighed down. 

Price: Rs 809


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