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10 Ways To Reuse Your Bridal Lehenga


For your wedding day, you have to get the best wedding lehenga. The cost doesn’t matter that much, as long as you look the best on your wedding day. But as the big day rolls on and gets over, your lehenga is wrapped and packed neatly and placed at the back of your cupboard. Eventually, it is only taken out if someone borrows it or when your child wants to repurpose it for their big day. Well, this shouldn’t be the case! It’s your wedding outfit and you should be able to wear it more than once. If you are looking to repurpose your old wedding saree, then click here. But if you have a wedding lehenga that you are dying to wear again, here are 10 ways you can reuse it. 

10 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Lehenga

You have spent hours finding the perfect bridal lehenga, visiting a number of shops and online stores. Hence, it’s only right that you make the most of your lehenga, something that defines you! 

1. Wear The Blouse Separately

Lehenga blouses are beautiful. They are filled with embroidered patterns and embellishments. And honestly, it will be a waste if you hid your lehenga blouse away for eternity. The most common and best way to repurpose your lehenga is by wearing it separately. Style your blouse with another saree, or if you can, try styling it with similar palazzo pants and a jacket.

2. Swap The Original Blouse With A Trendy Blouse

Skirts are super easy to style and repurpose. If your skirt falls in a simple and light fashion, you can always wear it with a trendy blouse. If it’s a very heavily embellished skirt, try wearing a simple blouse. Accessorise as usual and flaunt your lehenga at any family function, haldi or sangeet

3. Pair The Skirt With Long Kurtas

Fashion is whatever you want and feel comfortable in. And a very unique way to repurpose your lehenga skirt is by wearing it with a long kurta. Bring alive the inner Komal Pandey with this look. You are sure to turn some heads. If not for a wedding, you can definitely style this outfit for your college ethnic day or reunion. 

4. Style The Skirt With A Simple Shirt And Jacket

If you want to go for a simple look, then a white shirt would work the magic. For celebrations like Diwali or your Garba nights, this is the perfect outfit. Wear the lehenga skirt with a white shirt. You can also wear it with a crop top and jacket. If there is a prize for best dressed at any celebration, you are sure to win! 

The festive season is here! But you don’t want to repeat outfits? Here is your solution. Watch this video to learn 3 ways you can reuse your gorgeous lehenga skirt!


5. Stitch It Into An Anarkali

This probably will break your heart, but it might be the right move. Lehengas are too fancy for an everyday outfit. And if you want something casual yet one of a kind, try stitching an anarkali with the entire lehenga set. You can simply attach the blouse to the skirt, but it’s best if you visit the local tailor for this. 

6. Remove The Extra Embellishments For An Everyday Look

Your wedding lehenga must be full of beautiful and intricate lace, embroidery patterns and embellishments. But if you are looking for an everyday look, and want to wear your wedding piece on a daily basis, you probably need a lighter outfit. Your heavy lehenga can’t be worn to parties and events, so try taking out the extra lace and embellishments. Visit the tailor to get a better idea about this. 

7. Turn The Dupatta Into A Cape Or Jacket

Jackets and capes are all-time favourites. They never go out of style and can be worn with anything. Stitch a pretty shrug or kimono style jacket with your lehenga dupatta. The best way to style this is in a bohemian way- jeans, tea, chunky jewellery and the jacket. 

8. Mix And Match With Other Lehengas

You must have had more lehengas than your wedding lehenga, or even ghagra skirts. Mix and match your outfits to create a different look. You can complete the look with your favourite jewellery and makeup look. Find honest reviews of jewellery stores here. 

9. Turn It Into A Lehenga Sari

A very popular style in South India is the half sari. It includes wearing a skirt and blouse and draping the dupatta in such a way that it looks like a saree. If you are bored of the usual stylings and techniques of wearing a lehenga, the half sari is definitely a look to try. Mix and match with different pieces to have a fun look. 

10. Stitch It Into A Kurta 

Another technique that involves visiting your local tailor, transform your lehenga skirt into a kurta. If you want a basic everyday outfit made from your lehenga, repurposing it into a kurta is definitely a good idea. Your visit to the tailor can help you figure out patterns and designs that can incorporate the beauty of your lehenga. 

5 Jewellery Options To Match With Your Lehenga Style

Jewellery is what ties your outfit together. Find monsoon jewellery trends here. But with all the chaos of buying jewellery, we often overlook the fact that jewellery can tarnish and ruin the look. Click here to learn more about how you can take care of your jewellery. 

1. Metal Ring 

A beautifully handcrafted unique chunky Meenakari lotus bohemian ring, this piece of jewellery is fabulously stylish. The Parijaat Silver Metal Finger Ring from Limeroad is adjustable and gives you a boho vintage look that goes with anything Indo-western. The tribal punk style makes it a must-have for sure.

TC46 loves this sun ring by Erka at the Red Dot Shop, buy it here. 

2. Chain Link Necklace

A truly striking and statement-making necklace, Tjori’s Chain Link Silver Plated Brass Tribal Necklace is made with brass with an antique silver finish. This piece features a design of chain links supporting multiple chains – all elements handcrafted to construct a novel piece of jewellery. This one is worthy of a crush and ideal to stand out from the crowd.

3. Silver Bell Earrings 

A breathtaking pair of earrings, this one takes the cake for its out of this world design. These ghungroo drop earrings are handcrafted in silver with an oxidised finish, making them last a long time in your collection. 

4. Drop Earrings 

Pretty oxidised silver earrings can add a premium look to your outfit. Expertly crafted, this pair creates a splendid geometric visual and a perfect addition to your treasure trove of jewellery. Find Chandbalis that will steal your heart here.

Looking for a pair of beautiful multicoloured, geometric earrings? Get the Aurora pair by House Of Kalart from the Red Dot Shop here. 

5. Paisley Necklace 

This necklace is a stunner. A beautiful necklace inspired by the designs of India’s traditional Dhokra metal casting technique, it is handcrafted in German silver with an antique gold finish. It gives an air of elegance to your colour-blocked lehenga with this necklace, or style it with a solid kurta set.

Weddings are once in a lifetime events, and it makes sense to shell out money to buy your dream outfit for the day. But we all have felt guilty for wearing the wedding lehengas for just one day! Find unique ways to repurpose your lehenga and wear your best outfit every day! 



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