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Style Guide: 10 Autumn-Winter Bag Styles That Are Trending In 2020

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Whether you’re rummaging through the internet to gift yourself a trendy handbag or if your heart skips a beat every time you come across edgy clutches, then you’re absolutely in the right place. With autumn-winter making its mark right now, this is the ideal time to start planning your winter wardrobe. Finding that one perfect bag is often harder than it seems. You need to get something that not just reflects your personal style but also something that you can use years later and still not look dated. These classics are essential for every desi woman out there and the best part? They will let you step out in vogue without burning a huge hole in your pocket. 

With neutral colours, geometric shapes, trendy patterns and quilted textures, here is a curated list of trendy bag styles from your favourite brands this 2020. Boost your shopping spirits this autumn-winter and keep scrolling to find out everything about the latest bag trends.

Build Up Your Accessories Game With These 10 Trending Autumn-Winter Bag Styles

A new season invites fresh trends in accessories which you’re about to see everywhere. As dictated by this year’s virtual runway shows, TC46 has curated a list of 10 distinct autumn-winter bag styles for every fashion addict out there.

1. The Elegant Nudes & Pastels

There are innumerable reasons why pastels are considered to be the new black. It’s time to reconsider your fashion game if nudes and pastels only make you think romantic. This soft colour palette makes every skin tone stand out and it’s a great colour to consider for your bags when you’re gradually transitioning into winter. Not only do these colours make you look elegant and feminine but also edgy. Needless to say, fancy designers love it too!

Perona is one such brand that believes in using premium leather and fabrics for their purity. Subtle lustre, agile textures and sumptuous feels are what make this brand stand out from the rest. These luxurious pastel handbags from Perona are no different. Give a look at their varied options by visiting their official website. 

2. The Tassel Theory

The autumn-winter bag styles that still haven’t gone out of fashion are fringes and tassels. If you’re looking forward to investing in one classic piece this autumn-winter, then this is the way to go. This is one such bag style that reminds every Indian woman of the Parisian influence that it summons. Pair this handbag with denim or your ethnic wear on weekends and slay the style game like no one else on the block.

Shop this cruelty-free leather bag from Tjori’s bestsellers this autumn-winter it is skillfully handcrafted with multi-hued jacquard in a rainbow of colours like blue, green, yellow, and maroon.

3. The Minimal Wristlets

Also known as pouch or pochette in French, wristlets are extremely handy for desi women who are big fans of minimalism. Usually consisting of a long handle for hanging from the wrist, it also is made from easy-to-clean materials that make them convenient for carrying makeup and other essentials. Similar yet different from a clutch, wristlets must definitely be your new lookout this autumn-winter.

Rent this signature Michael Kors Wristlet from Stylease and head out putting on minimalism as your go-to filter.

4. Satchel Games

Desi women work on the move nowadays and satchel bags make it all easier for them. When carrying your laptop around on the metro or to important meetings, it’s crucial that you have the right sort of bag. Sturdy and big enough to hold your laptops and other essentials, satchel bags stop you from needing two bags at once. With work devices becoming smaller and lighter with time, bag styles have evolved too and it’s high time to move beyond the dated laptop bags and pick up a satchel for yourself. 

Shop this jute satchel bag from Tjori. This bag comes with intricate jute detailing which adds an ethnic charm to it. The design is further accentuated by adding contrast tassels to provide a beautiful effect. 

5. Classic Tan Wallets

Just like nudes and pastels, tan is another colour which is quite evergreen when it comes to bag styles. This is a go-with-everything colour which women particularly love getting their hands on. From high street to luxury brands, tan wallets are an absolute fashion favourite. Tan wallets always look sophisticated, timeless and expensive. They work better with anything you put on from your wardrobe. It’s like that supportive friend in times of great outfit needs. 

Get your hands on this tan wallet from Limeroad this autumn-winter to step out with grace and elegance.  

Take this fashion quiz and guess the 15 types of handbags on the list.

6. Geometric Sling Bags

If being edgy and chic is your personal preference, then geometric sling bags are a perfect choice for you. This middle ground between a backpack and a pocket, sling bags is a fashion statement but also a convenient way to store essentials when heading out. Geometric sling bags look perfect with any Western or ethnic outfit and moreover, if the colour is tan, it’s just all the way handier for you. 

Wear this tan geometric sling bag from Perona comfortably across your chest or back and secure it to your body with a cross-shoulder strap. This is bound to become your ideal pick in no time. 

7. The Uber-Cool Waist Packs

If you’re looking for that minimalistic and hands-free attitude when it comes to bag styles, then waist packs or fanny packs are something that you should consider buying this autumn-winter. This uber-cool bag style becomes essential when you want to rest your shoulders. Waist packs are quite versatile and are super helpful when you want to secure essential items. 

With time waist packs have evolved and there are different styles available today. Rent this Michael Kors waist pack from Stylease and wear it around your waist when heading out during the day. 

8. Chic Woven Clutches

A clutch is something that goes with enough of your wardrobe and holds enough of your stuff so as not to be utterly impractical but still, creates that effortlessly cool vibe. Even if it seems like an impossible dream, you can find a clutch that suits your daily or event-specific needs. There are plenty of dainty clutches in the fashion market that are capable of holding more than half a tube of lipstick and a travel-size compact. 

This autumn-winter, cater to your needs by picking up this chic woven clutch from Stylease and pair it with your layered ethnic wear to send out a fashionnova vibe. 

9. The Animal Print Handbags

Animal prints on handbags provide that extra drama desi women need at times. Sometimes rocking an animal print handbag can take a little extra guesswork but say what, there’s no reason to stay away from these prints just because you’re unsure. Keep in mind to go for subtle animal prints that can create just as much of an impact as a pastel handbag or a tan hobo. When you’re carrying an animal print bag, make sure to let the bag speak for itself and be the focal point. Add boho and safari-inspired touches to your style by accessorising with aviator sunglasses and wooden bangles when heading out.

Shop this animal print handbag from Perona by visiting their official website and be that chic fairy classic! 

10. Everyday-Wear Shoulder Bags

For those days when you step out of your house with a never-ending to-do list, shoulder bags come to your ultimate rescue. They are as practical and polished as they sound and most importantly, this is this one perfect bag that you will have a hard time parting with. Always remember that leather is a great option when it comes to buying everyday-wear shoulder bags as it will hold up well against heavy items. Choose a nude block with subtle patch prints that can go well with your wardrobe and you don’t always have to worry about styling in a hurry. 

This leather shoulder bag from Limeroad is a must-buy this transitioning season if you want to look your best when running around the nearest grocery store. 

If you too are a bag addict then confess your favourite bag styles you’re planning to include this autumn-winter in the comments below!

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