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5 Reasons You’re Never Too Old For Sexy Intimate Wear & Some #ShararatAtEveryAge


Ladies, we’ve all been there. On a shopping trip with our mummy and maasis to buy sexy nightwear and lacy lingerie for our honeymoon trip. This moment of peak awkwardness is considered almost a right of passage in every 20- or 30-year-old bride-to-be. But, come the second year of marriage, once the suhaag raat and pehla saal are over, all our intimate wear ends up in the back of the cupboard. Almost like a shame closet. Kisi ko mil na jaye—what would they think?

And as you grow older, the shame and awkwardness of buying and wearing sexy intimate wear grow with you. You’re too old, you think; your partner will say it looks silly, you think; your body isn’t as in shape, you think.

Well, stop!

The truth is you’re never too old for sexy intimate wear and lingerie. In fact, it’s considered an integral part of a new category of clothes known as ‘dopamine (mood-elevating) fashion’. Pretty intimate wear is said to be great for your mental health and is a key form of self-love and self-care, both of which contribute toward you ageing happily, and healthily.

5 Reasons You Should Wear Sexy Intimate Wear—Age No Bar!

1. With age comes confidence and also, knowing your body better: While physical transitions are inevitable, what’s also true is that as you age, you become more confident. You’re like fine wine—well-rounded, bubbling with personality and filled with a clear idea of what you bring to the table. Now that you finally know what looks good on your body and flatters your shape, what better time to buy intimate wear that fits well, and makes you look and feel your best?

2. You need all the support you can get (pun intended): Let’s face it, as you age, gravity can take a toll on your body. And if things are going south, high-quality intimate wear and lingerie can help provide the support and lift you need, so to speak. So while in our 20s, intimate wear and lingerie may be just about looking pretty, we forgot they have functional advantages, too—advantages that a 40, 50, or 60-year-old body could benefit from.

3. It sets the foundation for the rest of your outfit: If what you’re wearing as the first layer over your skin is ill-fitted or unappealing, chances are that the rest of your outfit isn’t going to look that great either. Quality lingerie sets the foundation for your whole wardrobe, in a sense. Right from the fit, the cut, and even the mood of your outfits—sexy, comfy, cute, naughty, formal?

4. Intimate wear isn’t just for your partner, it’s for you, too: As stated before, intimate wear is now considered a form of self-love and self-care. It could be that the feel of silk on your skin makes you feel pampered, or that the cut of the baby doll dress makes you feel cute, or even how a printed shorts-set becomes the perfect outfit for some weekend me-time. Gone are the days when pretty intimate wear was reserved for honeymoons, Valentine’s Days, and anniversaries. Wear it for you; invest in it as a way to invest in yourself. 

5. News flash! Sexy is not a shape or an age, it’s an attitude: Do you want to know why dopamine fashion is all the rage? It’s because your mood and confidence can make a huge difference to your perceived attractiveness. If you’re comfortable in your skin, age and shape no bar, those around you will be able to feel that sexiness exuding from within you. And there’s no quicker way to get into a ‘sexy state of mind’ than by wearing pretty intimate wear and lingerie. Even a matching bra-and-panty set can do wonders for how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror. 

Add To Cart: 5 Classic Intimate Wear Pieces For All Ages

A brand built on the philosophy that intimate wear is for all ages, we’re looking at Shararat, one of our favourite homegrown brands in this space. They carry a range of babydoll dresses, gowns, teddies and bridal sets that are just the right amount of sexy yet playful. Their sizes extend from M to XXL and the high-quality yet affordable line is designed for new-age women who aren’t afraid to tap into their inner naughtiness and fun. 

So if you’re looking for classic pieces that look just as great on 20-year-olds as they do on 40-year-olds, here are our top picks:

1. Women’s Lace Long Babydoll In Black

5 Reasons You're Never Too Old For Sexy Intimate Wear & Some #ShararatAtEveryAge

This boss-looking long baby doll dress is sophisticated, sexy, sensual, and sassy… all at the same time. Halter neck in the front and backless when you turn around—when you’re covered in black lace from head to toe, nothing will make you feel this comfortable and sexy.

Price: Rs 1,199; Buy Shararat Women’s Lace Long Babydoll In Black

2. Women’s Lace Above Knee Babydoll Dress/Nightwear Lingerie In Pink

The adorable pastel pink hue of this babydoll dress is playful and feminine. The self-coloured floral designs give this intimate wear a sophisticated look. Cinched at the waist, it is designed for the sensuous you because it celebrates your shape, just as you are.

Price: Rs 899; Buy Shararat Women’s Lace Above Knee Babydoll Dress/Nightwear Lingerie In Pink

3. Women’s Lace Long Babydoll / Lingerie Nightwear Long Gown In Maroon

This maroon laced number has a V-neck and an ultra-deep side slit right up to the bust. While you ooze oomph wrapped up in sensuous lace, the double tie at the back is an ode to your femininity. The long gown covers you just right, leaving the rest to the imagination.

Price: Rs 1,199; Buy Shararat Women’s Lace Long Babydoll / Lingerie Nightwear Long Gown In Maroon

4. Women’s Lace Above Knee Babydoll Dress/Nightwear Lingerie In Blue

This off-shoulder number in pristine blue will make you feel oh-so-cute when going to bed. The cut of the babydoll dress is perfect for some me-time when you’re indulging in a face mask or neck mask application. While the colour blue is said to be calming, we also love how the frills and lace make this intimate wear piece so pretty.

Price: Rs 799; Buy Shararat Women’s Lace Above Knee Babydoll Dress/Nightwear Lingerie In Blue

5. Women’s Lace Long Babydoll Long Gown In White

If you like something angelic, then opt for this baby doll dress. It’s super cute with those ribbons on the strap and the pretty pleated frills on the front. The knee-length of the gown is modest with an element of sexiness in the thigh slit. A perfect mix of daring and demure, here’s a style many women are sure to love.

Price: Rs 1,199; Buy Shararat Women’s Lace Long Babydoll Long Gown In White

Designed for the sensuous you, you can explore the entire collection of intimate wear on Shararat.in.

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