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A Beginner’s Guide To Lingerie!


They say that real beauty shines when you embrace your true self, and that truth goes deeper, especially when it comes to lingerie. Even though it’s beneath your clothes, lingerie holds immense power in shaping how you feel about yourself.

In India, the buzz around lingerie is growing louder, and not without reason. Amidst this whirlwind of globalization, our society is waking up to the significance of lingerie and coming to the realisation that lingerie isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a source of confidence and self-love.

TC46 connected with Mr Siddharth Grover, the Director of Groversons, for some incredible tips on purchasing lingerie for the first time!

Lingerie being a basic need for women has also evolved as a glorious part of life, playing an important role in designing inner beauty and body shape. Because, believe it or not, lingerie has surpassed outwear as the most luxurious item in today’s era. Long gone are the days when we were not supposed to express our femininity, but with the changing landscape, we can now fulfil our desire by selecting the appropriate intimate wear to feel comfortable and beautiful. So, if you’re a first-time bra wearer, simply adhere to the following simple rules: 

5 Lingerie Tips For Beginners!

1. Correct Age

Though age is only a number, it depends on the individual teenager, whether they want to wear it or not. Breast development generally occurs between the ages of puberty. However, in general, the ages of 9 to 16 are the best for a teen to begin wearing a bra with a basic range of styles. As we are all aware, each individual is unique and has her own unique body. Of course, lingerie cannot change who you are on the inside, but these clothing items provide you with an opportunity to explore and experiment with your personal style.

A Beginner’s Guide To Lingerie!

2. How Do You Know When You Need A Bra?

If there is a strange soreness in your chest area, similar to a loose ‘wobbling’ of breast tissues, or if your nipples start protruding and make an appearance when you’re wearing one of those body-hugging outfits, you’re ready for a bra! Peer pressure should not influence your decision on bras; be patient!

3. Measure Yourself

Even today, wrong-sized bras are very prevalent, so don’t pick just about any sort of a bra just for the fun of it! It’s best to start with a solid foundation, so take your own measurements! Grab a measuring tape and get ready to practise some basic maths.

4. First Bra

As novice bra wearers, teenagers are motivated to pick the perfect bra because they want to feel comfortable and confident. And to encourage that, many brands now offer a diverse choice of trainer bras for newbies. A few types of bras that are available are:

  1. Beginner’s And Teenage Bras: Their main aim is to provide comfort and cover during your developing years. This bra is usually a pullover type with no underwire, padding, or hooks. They’re the simplest and most comfortable ones, and the elastic cotton fabric gives you some breathing room while you’re growing.
  2. Light And Full Support Bra: These are soft bras in elastic cotton material that are generally devoid of underwire and are an ideal choice for the developing teen. Because they are wire-free, they provide less shaping, yet are exceptionally comfortable during the ‘first bra training’ phase. This category features vibrant colors and prints too!
  3. Sports Bra: A sports bra may always save you throughout any training session, so don’t let any hesitation kick in. They include stronger fabric and broader straps that provide robust support and comfort. In this area, you may also look at cushioned choices. If you play sports, you might opt to have separate pairs of sports and training bras.

5. Tips For Shopping 

When shopping for lingerie for the first time, it is critical to prioritise comfort over your stylistic preferences. Always shop for the design and colour that best matches your lifestyle, in addition to a decent fit.


Lingerie is both, comfortable clothing and a modest expression of femininity. The purchase of a girl’s first bra should be nothing less than a joyful journey, and a memorable story to be treasured in the future!

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