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An 8-Step Guide To Getting Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup


How much time have you spent scrolling Instagram looking for a gorgeous smokey eye look? While some of us think it is impossible to achieve that while doing your own makeup, it’s actually quite easy. Read on to know how you can get that smokey eye makeup look you have been eyeing for quite some time now.

Smokey eyes have been in the trend since forever. No matter what occasion it is,  smokey eyes seem to be everybody’s favourite. And why not, as it makes your eyes look prettier and glamorous. This timeless makeup look is popular because of how sexy it looks on the eyes. An attractive makeup style which is evergreen because of its versatility.

3 Trending Smokey Eye Makeup Looks To Try

If you are new to the makeup world, it’s always good to start from the basics. Here is a very simple eye makeup routine you can try.


1. Natural Smokey Eyes 

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup Technique

Dark smokey eyes look stunning with a party outfit or are best suited for a night out with friends. But when it comes to everyday makeup we go for subtle options. That’s why you can opt for this everyday smokey eye makeup where things are minimal but your eyes still look flattering. 

For this natural smokey eye makeup you can use three different shades. Make sure you use the colours from the same colour family. For example, peach, pink and maroon. 

Step 1: Apply the pink colour as the transition shade on your crease.

Step 2: Apply the peach shade on the inner corners.

Step 3: At last apply the maroon on the outer corners. 

Step 4: Take a clean brush and blend it nicely so that it looks seamless.

Don’t hold the brush too close to the bristles and try holding it at the tip of the handle. This way you will have less control over the brush and the smokey eye look won’t turn out patchy. 

Apply a thin line of eyeliner on your upper eyelids and put on some mascara to complete your smokey makeup look. Opt for bright pink lipstick and seal the look.

2. Brown Smokey Eyes

If you are someone who has a thing for nude makeup, a brown smokey eye is the perfect glam look for you. This elegant smokey eye makeup look is the best when it comes to keeping your eye makeup game subtle but stylish.

For this brown smokey eye look opt for warm nude tones of brown.

Step 1: The base colour should be close to your skin tone. Apply that all over your eyelid.

Step 2: The transition shade which is a little darker than that will go on the crease. 

Step 3: And the darkest colour will be the one that you use on your outer lid.

Step 4: Add a shimmery brown shade to this brown smokey eye makeup and amp up the entire look. 

The best eyeliner style to go with this makeup look is the classic winged eyeliner. Use a brown kajal, put on false eyelashes if you like them and add some mascara to complete this brown smokey eye makeup look. 

3. Reverse Smokeys

Picture Credit: Pinterest

If you are someone who likes their drama on the lower lash line this might become your favourite smokey makeup look. 

Step 1: Start by using a dark brown eyeshadow and with the help of a thin pointed brush apply it on your lower lash line creating a wing on the outer corners. 

Step 2: Then take a black eyeshadow and go over it again, this time make sure that you are smudging the existing eyeshadow and blending it correctly. 

Step 3: Apply a thin eyeliner on your upper lash line to compliment the look and add some mascara. 

Why stop at eyes when you can get a whole dashing look? Watch this video tutorial for an easy and unapologetically bold makeup idea inspired by the Leo zodiac sign!


Step By Step Guide To Ace That Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Look 

Blending is the key when it comes to eye makeup. So blend your way through this smokey eye look while following these steps.

  1. For your eyeshadow to look flawless the base should be good. Hence, start with some eyeshadow primer and prep your eyes for all the products that are about to go on. It makes your eyeshadow stay on for longer.
  2. Next is to apply concealer on the eyes and set it with a loose powder to create a smooth base for the eyeshadows to go on. This makes it easy to blend the eyeshadow colours and creates a flawless look.
  3. Choose a base colour close to your skin tone. Apply it with the help of a fluffy blending brush so that when you apply the other shades it creates a smooth transition and not a harsh one.
  4. Now start applying a dark grey colour on the middle of your eyelid and blend it till it looks smooth. Start slowing and gradually build the colour. Remember to blend it seamlessly.
  5. Take a black eyeshadow and pat it on the outer area of your eyelid. Further, with the help of a blending brush pull it inwards and start blending. 
  6. Take some shimmery eyeshadow and apply it all over your eyelid. This adds dimension to your eyes and highlights your natural eye colour as well.
  7. Apply the black eyeshadow on your lower lash line too creating a smudged effect. Take care to blend this to avoid creating a harsh line.
  8. Apply winged eyeliner and mascara to finish off the look. Waterproof mascaras are great for the monsoon and last longer.

                FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

                Q. What do I need for smokey eye makeup?

                A. For a basic smokey eye look you can use a palette with nude shades but make sure that it has darker tones too. For a more glam look, you’ll need a palette which has shimmery shades too. You’ll also need eyeshadow brushes. Two blending brushes, one packing brush and a pointed one should get the job done.

                Q. What is the best smokey eye shadow palette for beginners?

                A. Nykaa’s Eyes On Me Palette is a good one for beginners as there are a lot of shades you can choose from and it has the right amount of pigment you need. If you’re looking to invest in a high-end brand, Huda Beauty’s Smokey Obsessions palette is a great one. 

                Q. Can we do a smokey eye look with the help of an eyeliner?

                A. Yes, you can definitely do a smokey eye makeup look with the help of eyeliner. Here’s how you can achieve it.

                Step 1: Take a kajal pencil or a pencil eyeliner and line your upper lash line. It doesn’t have to be perfect. 

                Step 2: With a smudging brush, start blending the product keeping the look soft.

                Q. What colour makes your eyes pop out?

                A. it depends on the skin tone, any colour which is three shades darker than your skin tone will make your eyes pop out. If you don’t have an understanding of your skin tone and what might look best for you, black is a universal colour which suits any skin tone.

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