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Your Go-To Guide To Create Natural Dewy Makeup Look This Winter


Many of us impatiently wait until the end of the year, when the weather finally gets a little colder and the festive season begins. But with the change in weather also comes the change in the way our skin reacts to it.

The sharp, cold air makes our skin irritated, dry and flaky, and indoor heating somehow manages to make it worse. It’s always a task to keep the make-up on without it becoming brittle and falling apart.

Luckily for us, there are ways to improve our skin health and achieve that perfect winter glow, all with the right application and products.

Dew you want to dive in?  

What’s Dewy Makeup Anyway?

If you haven’t noticed, let us bring you up to speed. Several make-up trends this year have focused on getting a dewy, ethereal look with glowing skin. Some trends are glass skin, honey skin and glazed donut skin. That’s what we would call a dewy makeup look. 

The point of the dewy look is to make your skin look healthy and radiant, without looking oily or greasy. The goal is healthy natural looking skin, and that’s where the shine comes from. Glitter and shimmer are not a part of this trend.

5-Step Process To Get Natural Dewy Makeup Look

Here are some easy dewy makeup steps: 

1. Hydrate Your Face Off

The very base of a dewy look is good hydration. Before you start your make-up, make sure to moisturise your face well to avoid dryness or patchy skin.

2. Start With A Primer

As with all makeup looks, having a good primer makes all the difference. We suggest using a primer that hydrates your skin well, giving you that extra glow and a smooth canvas to layer on the rest of your makeup.

3. Get A Lightweight Foundation

Ensure that you have the right colour foundation and blend! Dab your foundation around your face and use your fingers or a beauty blender to spread an even layer across your face. After your foundation, you can also consider adding a bit of bronzer to elevate your look if you’re going out at night. The best dewy foundation is one that suits your skin and blends well. 

Be sure to not use too much, the end goal is to look as natural as possible!

4. Blush, Blush, Blush!

Adding a little colour to your face never hurt anybody! Blush is one of the key ingredients to your dewy makeup look, so never miss it. Pick a colour that would suit your skin tone the best, and apply liberally across your cheekbones.

Don’t be afraid of colour! If you have a darker skin tone, you can mix two blush shades and create one that you like the best. Et voila, you have a nice dewy blush!

5. Highlighter!

You can’t shine without adding a little bit of extra shine. Pick up your favourite highlighter and finish off your dewy look with it.

Take only a little and blend it onto your cheekbones and anywhere else you would like some extra shine. We would recommend sticking to your cheekbones for the natural look, and going across your nose and on your collarbones for a more ethereal look. Remember not to make it too shiny though for a nice dewy finish makeup look!

How Can I Get Dewy Look Naturally?

While getting dewy skin with makeup is a great look, you can also focus on getting it naturally through carefully applied skin care. Even while doing it with the make-up, the base of the look is good, hydrated skin.

Here’s what you can do for a natural dewy makeup look:

1. Exfoliate

Dead skin builds up on the skin’s surface and gives you a dull, flaky complexion. Instead, make sure to exfoliate regularly with a scrub or a cleanser and wash away the dead skin.

2. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

We often don’t realise how important sunscreen is as a part of our daily skincare. Use a lightweight sunscreen to keep your skin youthful and radiant, not to mention healthy. Remember to use something with SPF 30 or higher and save your skin from those dangerous UV rays!

3. Add A Vitamin C Serum To Your Routine

Vitamin C does a great job of smoothing fine lines, removing dark spots and the overall health and glow of your skin. Add a serum that suits your skin to your daily skin care regime, and watch how it improves your skin health and lends itself to finishing the dewy look!

4. Always Use A Hydrating Primer

We’ve mentioned this before but always use a hydrating primer! Even when you don’t want to do a dewy make-up look, a primer is the base of all your makeup adventures. By using one that also hydrates your skin at all times, you’re doing yourself and your skin a favour!

5 Makeup Essentials And Must Follow Tips For Winter

1. Treat Your Skin Well

Thanks to the weather, if you live in colder climates, your skin has a high chance of drying out due to the harsh winds and indoor heating. Switch out your usual skincare products for something more suited to winters. Use a night cream that will not dry out your skin further and ensure that it is ready before you do your day time routine. Moisturising during winters is of utmost importance.

2. Go Easy On The Make-Up

Due to the drying effects the cold may have, heavy duty make-up will likely dry out your skin even further. Instead, go for a lightweight look and focus on hydrating products. You can even add a bit of moisturiser to your foundation to provide extra hydration. Dry skin will only end up making your foundation flaky in some places, so be careful.

3. Don’t Forget Your Lips

The winter weather can be equally harsh on your lips. Be liberal with the lip balm, and make sure you apply it before bed as well. Always carry a moisturising lip balm with you for emergencies. If you’re wearing lipstick, try avoiding ones that dry out your lips faster like matte lipsticks.

Pro tip: if your lips do get dry easily or you prefer matte lipsticks, there’s nothing better than good old petroleum jelly to re-moisturise your lips.  

4. Be Bold With Colours

Add a little cheek tint and be adventurous with your lipstick shades this winter! The cheek tint will help add some colour to your face, giving it a healthy glow and rosy cheeks without it looking too artificial.

Dark shades of lipstick will also lend itself to your winter look, and make you avoid that pale, washed out look that sometimes happens in the winter.

5. Put Away The Powder

A lot of powders have the tendency to dry out your skin. Face powder, blush, eye shadow can make your skin dry during the winters. Instead, try some liquid versions of your powdered products to keep your skin soft and hydrated, without inviting any of the flakiness that a powder can cause.

Whether it’s the summer or winter, we all want to look our very best. Remember to keep your face moisturised and your products carefully researched.

Hop right on to the trends – look up a dewy makeup tutorial, give it a shot, and let us know what you think! 

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