Yami Gautam's Beauty Ritual: Nurturing Your Nails for Confidence and Beauty

1. Keep your nails well-groomed by regularly filing them into your desired shape.

2. Moisturize your cuticles daily to prevent dryness and promote healthy nail growth.

3. Apply a base coat before painting your nails to protect them from staining and help the polish last longer.

4. Opt for nourishing nail products enriched with vitamins and minerals to strengthen your nails.

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5. Don't forget to wear gloves while doing household chores or working with harsh chemicals to protect your nails from damage.

6. Practice proper hygiene by keeping your nails clean and free from dirt or bacteria.

7. Give your nails a break from polish occasionally to let them breathe and prevent discoloration.

8. Pamper your nails with regular manicures and indulge in relaxing hand massages to promote blood circulation and maintain healthy nails.