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Ways To Keep Jealousy Away In A Romantic Relationship

Every relationship experiences some utar chadhav. Sometimes you feel happiness that cannot be put into words and at other times you find yourself lost in the whirlwind of negative emotions. One such undesirable feeling that can possibly hamper your happiness and relationship is jalan or jealousy.

Create An Atmosphere Of Trust Be specific about what is triggering your jealousy and work on those triggers with your partner to build trust. Ask them to reassure you. Try to be transparent with each other and take accountability for your actions. When you both consider and embrace each other’s vulnerabilities, it will strengthen your relationship.

Focus On Your Sense Of Security Lack of self-esteem can act as fuel to the fire of jealousy. Work on yourself and try to not depend on your partner for everything. Practice self-love and self-compassion. Don’t compare yourself with others. Build your self-confidence to overcome the feeling of jealousy.

Talk It Out If you feel that you are not able to overcome your feelings by yourself, it is important to talk about it with the right person. You can talk to people who are supportive of you and still see both sides of the coin. Or you can seek professional help by going to a therapist. This will help validate your feelings so that you can handle them healthily.

Recognise When Jealousy Is Abusive Jealousy is a normal feeling that people occasionally experience in a relationship. However, sometimes it can become toxic and abusive, especially if it includes extreme anger, control and accusations. You need to recognise the signs and seek immediate help.

Feeling jealous is a common thing that everyone experiences in their relationships. But it becomes unhealthy if you indulge in it and act upon it impulsively. This can potentially destroy the relationship that you are so afraid to lose. It is important to step back and analyse your feelings when you are feeling jealous and work on them to build a healthy and secure relationship. If you are wondering how to get over retroactive jealousy, the tips given away are a good way to start. All the best!

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