Sonam Kapoor's Communication Guide: Nurturing Healthy Relationships

1. Active listening is key to nurturing healthy relationships—give your full attention, maintain eye contact, and respond empathetically.

2. Practice open and honest communication, expressing your thoughts and feelings clearly while encouraging others to do the same.

3. Show appreciation and gratitude for the people in your life through genuine compliments, acknowledgments, and small acts of kindness.

4. Foster trust by being reliable and keeping your promises, ensuring that others feel comfortable confiding in you.

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5. Avoid unnecessary conflicts by choosing your words wisely, being mindful of their impact, and refraining from harsh or hurtful language.

6. Practice empathy by trying to understand others' perspectives, validating their emotions, and offering support and understanding.

7. Maintain a balance between talking and listening, allowing for equal participation in conversations and creating a space for everyone to be heard.

8. Regularly check in with loved ones, asking open-ended questions about their well-being, and offering a safe space for them to share their thoughts and concerns.