Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body With Bhastrika Pranayama

Take a deep breath and hold it in for a while; now breathe out very slowly. This simple act of breathing seems quite relaxing at times. It allows you to rejuvenate and gather some more energy to get on with your day. Bhastrika pranayama is a breathing technique that has a similarly relaxing effect on the respiratory system. Bhastrika is a Sanskrit word for ‘bellows’. Bellows are used by blacksmiths to fan the fire as they work. Bhastrika pranayama involves continuous inhalation and exhalation performed in rapid succession.

Here Is How Bhastrika Pranayama Helps You Maintain Good Health

1. Detox Effect

Focused and controlled breathing enhances the purification of blood by allowing more oxygenation. The process of purification helps to remove toxins from several body tissues. One of the Bhastrika pranayama benefits is that it leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

2. Healthy Lungs

When you perform inhalation and exhalation in rapid bursts, you activate your lung muscles. Your lungs get a good workout while performing Bhastrika pranayama. The lung capacity also increases with the regular practice of Bhastrika pranayama. Patients suffering from breathing troubles are often advised to perform this form of breathing technique to strengthen their lungs.

3. Energized Mind

The breathing technique involved in Bhastrika pranayama allows rapid oxygenation and purification of blood. It also helps to stimulate blood circulation of the brain. When the brain receives ample oxygenated blood, one experiences instant rejuvenation of the mind. Bhastrika pranayama helps in clear thinking and in banishing negative thoughts from the mind.

4. Strong Core

The rapid bursts of breathing involved in Bhastrika pranayama help in tightening the core muscles. Regular practice of this form of pranayama will allow you to develop a well-toned midriff. Bhastrika breathing also helps to improve the tone of the intestines and allows easy digestion.

5. Regulation Of Blood Pressure

Bhastrika pranayama stimulates the circulatory and cardiovascular systems by enhancing the speed of blood circulation. By allowing the blood to flow freely through the circulatory apparatus, blood pressure is kept under check. Patients with a history of cardiac disorders or blood pressure issues should perform Bhastrika pranayama only after consulting with a physician.