Team TC46 Shares Beauty Products & DIYs They Loved In 2022

Are the endless lists of products and countless websites filled with DIYs and home remedies confusing you on what to check and what to chuck? Then this is the place for you. Take a step back from brand-sponsored influencer videos and in your face #ads and #SponCon (sponsored content). Get some authentic, real-life beauty advice with honest reviews. Curated from the #TC46squad of women hustlers, here are some gems from those who not only work with beauty products but use them on the daily.

Here’s What’s In Their Bag! Akshita’s Must-Buys

1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

I believe that good eye makeup should be an investment. For me, it is important as I have sensitive eyes. What I loved about it is that it just stays put. Kajal tends to smudge, spread and even liquid eyeliners can fade away. This gel eyeliner can be used according to your personal needs. From a thin, basic eyeliner look to doing up your eyes, this has proven to be a versatile product for sure. I purchased it from the Bobbi Brown store and it is definitely worth the price.

2. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick – Icon

The second product I brought post the lockdown phase, was the Huda Beauty lip gloss. Since I am not a huge lip gloss fan, this one is the perfect in-between for when you don’t want to put on a lipstick but want to add some oomph.

Akshita’s Desi Nuskhe 1. Dahi, Onion & Aloe Vera Hair Pack

Be it haircare or skincare, I am a big believer of DIYs. Your kitchen holds a plethora of ingredients that are inexpensive, accessible and easy to make. Instead of buying a ton of costly products, which usually are full of chemicals, it’s better to indulge in at-home DIY care for your body. My grandmother was a beauty DIY advocate and I certainly take after her. One recipe I highly recommend would be her hair pack.

2. Masoor Dal  Face Scrub

My favourite face pack is an exfoliator that is a great replacement for a face scrub. You Will Need: – 2 tablespoons masoor dal – 2 tablespoons yoghurt (dahi) – 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel Method: 1. Grind the masoor dal to a coarse powder. 2. Add the dahi and aloe vera gel and mix well. 3. Apply this to the face and neck. Let it sit undisturbed for a while. 4. Gently massage it off using circular motions.

Karishma’s Must-Buys 1. NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette Smokey & Highlight

As the name suggests, this 16-shade eyeshadow palette has a mix of shimmer and mattes which makes it very versatile. The eyeshadow has good colour payoff and is easy to build up if you want a deep and fierce pigment. I’ve used the eyeshadows for so much more than their main purpose—as a highlighter, as a brow filler, under the eye for baking, to smudge my kajal line with colour, and even to mattify my lipstick to make it last longer.

2. Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater Delicate Facial Cleanser

I think this cleanser was a big beauty moment for me. To be honest, earlier unless a cleanser created a lot of foam, I usually wouldn’t buy it and for years I was using face washes that would strip my skin dry, only left needing to be thoroughly moisturised again. The cycle never broke. Until I found Forest Essentials’ super gentle cleanser that is perfect in every way – free from sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals.

Karishma’s Desi Nuskhe 1. Orange Lip Scrub

To be honest, it’s inspired by a commercial product by Juicy Chemistry. I make my own version of their blood orange and rosehip lip scrub because I have pigmentation on the corners of my lips, and simply also because winters often tend to leave my lips dehydrated. You Will Need: – ⅕ teaspoon sugar – ⅕ teaspoon virgin coconut oil – 2 drops of orange essential oil