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Perfect The Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Look With These Tips

If you are someone who has a thing for nude makeup, a brown smokey eye is the perfect glam look for you. This elegant smokey eye makeup look is the best when it comes to keeping your eye makeup game subtle but stylish. For this brown smokey eye look opt for warm nude tones of brown.

Step 1: The base colour should be close to your skin tone. Apply that all over your eyelid.

Step 2: The transition shade which is a little darker than that will go on the crease.

Step 3: And the darkest colour will be the one that you use on your outer lid.

Step 4: Add a shimmery brown shade to this brown smokey eye makeup and amp up the entire look.

The best eyeliner style to go with this makeup look is the classic winged eyeliner. Use a brown kajal, put on false eyelashes if you like them and add some mascara to complete this brown smokey eye makeup look.

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