Kiara Advani’s Skincare & Haircare Secrets


1. VIGOROUS DAY & NIGHT SKINCARE REGIME She uses a sunscreen followed by a lightweight moisturiser during the day and ends the day with a night-time moisturiser.

2. TOMATO PULP FOR HEALTHY SKIN She loves using readily available kitchen ingredients like tomatoes to make her skin glow. 

3. GRAM FLOUR & FRESH CREAM PASTE AS FACE SCRUB Gram flour & cream helps her remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliate her skin to reveal its natural radiance.

4. CREAM OF MILK When she does not have the time for making the gram flour-fresh cream mix, she depends on malai to do the magic for her.

5. GRAN FLOUR, MILK, HONEY & LEMON FACE PACK Apply a smooth paste of these ingredients and keep it on for 10 minutes. Next, rinse off your face with water for that instant glow.

6. OIL HAIR CAREFULLY The actor advises against using heavy hair oils in the middle and ends of the hair stands.