Janhvi Kapoor's Haircare Rituals: Embracing Strength and Beauty for Your Hair

1. Nourish your hair from within by maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated, as Janhvi Kapoor emphasizes the importance of overall wellness for strong and beautiful hair.

2. Janhvi Kapoor's secret to luscious locks lies in regular oiling, so make sure to incorporate this traditional practice into your haircare routine for added strength and shine.

3. Protect your hair from heat damage by using heat protectant sprays and minimizing the use of hot styling tools, just like Janhvi Kapoor does to maintain the natural beauty of her hair.

4. Embrace the power of deep conditioning treatments at least once a week, as Janhvi Kapoor knows that this step is crucial for nourishing and revitalizing your hair.

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5. Minimize hair breakage and damage by being gentle when combing or brushing, following Janhvi Kapoor's advice to start from the ends and work your way up.

6. Regular trims are key to maintaining healthy hair, so don't skip your salon appointments to keep your hair looking as fabulous as Janhvi Kapoor's.

7. Embrace natural hair masks using ingredients like yogurt, honey, and coconut oil, as Janhvi Kapoor believes in the effectiveness of DIY treatments for promoting hair strength and beauty.

8. Finally, remember to protect your hair from environmental stressors by covering it with a scarf or hat when exposed to harsh sunlight or pollution, just like Janhvi Kapoor does to ensure her hair stays healthy and radiant.