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8 DIYs To Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

Home Remedies For Dark Lips 1. Lemon & Honey

Citrus foods are known to have skin brightening properties. So, lemons are a great idea to use combined with some honey that adds to moisturising the skin. Tip: Lemon juice is harsh on soft skin and it may leave a tingling sensation. It is best to do a patch test before trying it directly on your lips!

2. Turmeric (Haldi)

Turmeric is known to have several healing properties. And with curcumin being its main constituent that is known to prevent the formation of melanin, haldi is a helpful ingredient to lighten dark lips. Tip: Turmeric is known for its unsuitable nature on sensitive skin. To avoid rashes or an allergy, it is best to do a patch test before trying it directly on your lips!

3. Homemade Honey Scrub

Exfoliating your skin including your lips is one of the best and most effective therapies of all! And if you are wondering how to lighten lips naturally, a homemade scrub is your saviour! Tip: Since a scrub exfoliates and the lip skin is thin and sensitive, make sure to rub gently. Also, indulge in this therapy only once a week otherwise it could lead to lip rashes or skin irritation.

4. Lip Oil Massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Well, massages aren’t only for the body, you can indulge in a lip massage too! Gently massaging your lips with the right ingredients can lead to healthy skin and good texture while making sure how to lighten dark lips permanently. Tip: Oil massages are safe. You can indulge in this exercise twice or thrice in a day, depending on how dry and discoloured your lips are.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular ingredient when it comes to skincare and a saviour when you are looking at how to lighten dark lips. Aloe vera contains depigmenting properties and thus makes for the perfect match of how to lighten lips. Tip: You can indulge in this beauty exercise about two times a day.

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