7 Tips To Prevent Frizz


1. Wash your hair once (at max twice!) a week Washing your hair too frequently can damage the hair fibres by enabling cuticles to absorb moisture, leading to frizziness.

2. Explore Different Hair Styles Leaving your hair open leaves it more susceptible to moisture, raising its chances of becoming even more frizzy.

3. Don’t Skip Conditioning Your Hair Applying a condition keeps your tresses sufficiently hydrated and locks in moisture in the newly grown tresses.

4. Use A Microfibre Towel Using a cotton towel to dry your hair after a shampoo-conditioner session can lead to frizzy hair. 

5. Make Sure to Use A Hair Serum Investing in hair serum is of utmost importance throughout the year, & more specifically during monsoon.

6. Avoid Getting Wet In The Rain Rain water causes more damage to your hair than what you can probably imagine.

7. Stay Away From Chemical Treatments Chemical treatments rip off the natural moisture from your hair, leaving it looking dull, lifeless, & frizzy.