7 Heel Styles That Mix Fashion & Aaram Like A Pro

A pair of heels (undoubtedly) adds the necessary drama, inheriting the natural power to elevate your overall look. But, while they seem amazingly sassy and stylish, wearing them comes at a price. The pain inflicted by an uncomfortable pair of heels, causing blisters and sore feet is a good enough reason to stop wearing them altogether. However, certain occasions and conventions do call for its urgency, and believe it or not, deep inside we all have that irresistible urge to uplift our look to be our version of Blake Lively! So, here’s the deal, you may be surprised to know that there are plenty of brands out there offering comfortable heels in the market that not only value style but also their functionality.

1. Ankle Boots

A solid, thicker, block heel can be very comfortable, yet helpful in elongating your leg ‘THAT’ little bit, adding a better proportion to all your fits.

2. Stilettos

Classy and stunning, these quintessential heels are a transitional take without needing to blow out your pockets.

3. Mule Heels

When we think about ease and convenience in footwear, an option that instantly tends to pop up in our heads is a pair of mules. The design and effortlessness that a mule can offer owing to its slide-in feature is undeniably the most comforting feeling for the soles. But think about adding a dash of embroidered drama with a notched-up heel to it. Well, how about a big fat YES!!! Opt for an intricately embroidered, vibrant textured mule heels that are just drop-dead gorgeous! Or, any other style that fits like a glove, offering ultimate heel comfort.

4. Block Heels

Block heels need not always be comfortable, but with the ideal base width and heel height, these beauties can help women rule the world.