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7 Effective Food Sources For Endometriosis Diet (& How They Help)

1. Stay Away From Foods That Cause Inflammation

To start with, it is advised that you keep foods that lead to inflammation at bay. Such foods are refined sugars, dairy products, processed foods, carbohydrates, and caffeine. Keep a tab on how your body’s reaction to the lack of intake of these foods. Not just these, also eliminate the intake of soy, alcohol, and other foods that are packed with oestrogen to counter their oestrogenic effects. You may also need to undergo allergy tests to analyse the type of foods that cause inflammation in your body.

2. Welcome Magnesium-Rich Foods

These foods reduce pain in the uterus. The source of such foods include: – Banana – Almond – Spinach – Sunflower seeds – Pumpkin seeds – Black beans – Avocado

3. Say ‘Hello’ To Omega-3 Foods

Omega-3 foods are a leading source of anti-inflammation. They are recommended not just for endometriosis, but for controlling muscle and joint pain, and regulate hormone production as well. The food sources are: – Chia seeds – Flax seeds – Walnuts – Salmon – Tuna – Trout – Mackerel – Sardines

4. Include Iron-Rich Foods

Foods rich in iron are essential because they are adept at replenishing the loss of iron in the body, as a result of excessive bleeding. And women are already known to be iron-deficient in most cases. Iron-rich foods are as below: – Spinach – Blacck beans – Dates – Egg yolk – Liver

5. Say ‘Hi’ To High-Fibre Foods

High-fibre foods are especially essential for those suffering from constipation as a symptom of endometriosis. Such foods include: – Berries – Coconut – Vegetables – Brown rice – Peas – Figs – Turnips – Brussel sprouts

6. Supplements

B complex is known to balance hormone levels. B vitamins control toxicity in the body, helping in effective cellular function. They maintain balance in the organs of the body and boost immunity. That apart, it is also beneficial for the overall health. There are various supplements that are available in pharmacies but they should be had only as per the recommendation of a healthcare expert.

7. Essential Oils

Here are essential oils that are beneficial for endometriosis: – Castor Oil – This may soothe digestion and boost immunity. This oil can be applied on lower abdomen and pelvic areas to control inflammation and pain caused due to the health condition. – Clary Sage – The topical application of this oil may help reduce cramping and pain. It may also play an essential role in balancing hormones. You can apply 2 to 4 drops of this oil on your abdomen and then apply a warm compress over the area to bring relief to the pain. These above oils can be applied to help with the medical condition.

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