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6 Things To Do In The AM To Ensure Productivity Through Your Day

Most successful entrepreneurs swear by this daily ritual and not without reason. Waking up early gives you a few more hours in the day to dedicate to yourself and also helps in organising and planning your day

1. Wake Up Early

This is an often-overlooked habit but setting an intention for your day ensures that your mind is free of the clutter of worry and anxiety that plagues us.

2. Set An Intention

Once the work on yourself is done and you are on high alert, a great way to get the most out of your day is by doing the largest or most challenging task first.

3. Categorise And Prioritise Work

Now that most of us have adopted the work-from-home model, it is challenging to set up a space dedicated to downtime and unwinding

4. Separate Work-Space From Your Chill-Space

Breaks have often looked at slacking off rather than taking a moment to recharge your mental and emotional batteries.

5. Take A Break  

We are so used to berating ourselves; more so when things go awry or not in our favor. We panic, vent and get emotionally cut up and swear to do things differently

6. Celebrate The Little Things

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