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5 Ways Of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes, Sponges & Applicators

1. Hanging Organiser With Clear Pockets

If your makeup table is running out of space, try this hanging organiser to store your makeup items. This may take a little more effort but the results are totally worth it! Things you will need: – Fabric – Sturdy clear plastic – A steel or plastic hanger – Scissors – Needle and thread

2. Drawer Organisers

DIY drawer dividers are a simple and inexpensive way to make your space look neater. You can make a compartment for each category of makeup items so that everything has its own place! Things you will need: – Empty cardboard boxes of various sizes and shapes – Craft papers and wrapping papers – Tape – Scissors – Pencil

3. Glass Brush Holder

These super stylish DIY brush holders are very simple to make. If you have a huge brush collection and want all the items to be displayed together, this is the perfect hack for you. Here is how to make makeup brush holders using glass containers.

The Channel 46

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