5 Quick Facts That Will Ease Your Mind If You’re Having Sex For The First Time


1. You may not bleed  You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable if you don’t bleed because the hymen may “break”, i.e., rupture during activities like riding a cycle or participating in various physically-intensive sports activities.

2. Lube & foreplay are essential   A few clots of blood is the most that you are likely to see. If you make the most of a lube & make sure you are aroused enough to not experience unbearable pain while being penetrated.

3. You may experience vaginismus It is a health condition that makes penetration during sex extremely painful, despite feeling relaxed and enough foreplay being involved before it. 

4. Consult a doctor if you bleed excessively While bleeding after having penetrative sex is totally normal, excessive bleeding isn’t. 

5. Steer clear of period sex When it’s your first time, avoid planning your first sex sesh while you’re on your period.