5 Brunch Recipes For Mother’s Day

Beauty Nuskhe

1. Green Shakshuka  Green Shakshuka is a popular Middle Eastern breakfast dish that is made with eggs cooked in a bed of sautéed greens.

2. Breakfast Casserole  The great thing about a breakfast casserole is that you can add almost anything you want to the base. 

3. Spicy & Creamy Achari Mushroom Open Toast  It It's a quick and easy breakfast or snack option that's packed with flavor.

4. Mango Ginger Mojito It is a refreshing and fruity cocktail that's perfect for summer. It's a fun twist on the classic mojito and is sure to impress your mom.

5. Lebanese Bread Pudding  Also known as "Aish el Saraya," is a traditional Lebanese dessert that is simple to make and absolutely delicious.