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10 Nail-Biting Suspense Thrillers On OTT Platforms To Watch This Weekend

1. Shutter Island

Shutter Island is the story of two US Marshals, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule who are sent to an asylum on a remote island. Throughout the movie, you would be intrigued but not scared. The actors have done a phenomenal job to completely engross you in the film and if you aren’t a fan of this genre you can still watch this as it has a lot more than just suspense to it. Watch It Here: Amazon Prime Video

2. Karthik Calling Karthik

Farhan Akhtar has played the role of Karthik Narayan in this film who gets frequent calls from an unknown caller. As the story evolves ahead you’ll understand that Farhan Akhtar finds himself guilty of his brother’s death in childhood. The most secretive part of the film is the telephone, which has left a mark of a fear factor. Overall the writing and direction of the movie are quite impressive and you’ll have a good time watching it as it is one of the best suspense thriller movies on Netflix. Watch It Here: Netflix

3. Badla

Though there are a lot of Hollywood mystery thriller movies, Bollywood didn’t fail us with this one. This movie has the ever so talented Amitabh Bachchan in it and his work is highly impressive. Here, the main character is accused of murder but she denies the blame. The story then leads to her life and actions that make up for the suspense part. The end of the movie is shocking and unexpected. All the actors have done a great job with their characters, landing it on this top 10 list. Watch It Here: Netflix

4. Gone Girl

Nick Dunne, the main lead, discovers that his wife has disappeared mysteriously on their 5th wedding anniversary. He is now the centre of media attention in an unwanted way. He is then suspected of killing his wife and the media starts depicting him as the careless husband. But no one knows if he is the murderer. This psycho-thriller tops the list of best Hollywood mystery thriller movies. Watch It Here: Amazon Prime Video

5. Fight Club

When it comes to suspense thriller movies in Hollywood, this movie will have your mind blown! A favourite one of most suspense thriller fans, here is an insomniac office worker who meets a soap maker who then introduces him to a fight club. The movie gets electric when you find out who this soap maker is. One of the best suspense thriller movies on Amazon Prime this one is an absolute must-watch. Watch It Here: Amazon Prime Video

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