10 Brands With The Most Wah-Wah Matte Long-Lasting Nail Paints

50 shades of grey? More like 50 shades of every colour. There’s hardly any girl who doesn’t like to apply nail paints. So, when we sing Mujhe rang de, mujhe rang de in our minds, it may not mean we’re preparing for Holi. It may also imply that we’re welcoming some much-treasured self-pampering time with the nail colour of our choice.

1. Miniso

They have the most umda collection of matte nail paints, ranging from peachy beige to grey violet.

A Japanese-based designer company, Miniso focuses on providing budget-friendly but vibrant and eccentric beauty products for you. They have the most umda collection of matte nail paints, ranging from peachy beige to grey violet.

2. Lakme

An Indian cosmetics brand that took over the world of beauty in a storm since its advent. Lakme’s 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Nail Colors come in 9 beautiful and exciting shades. They’re one of the bestselling matte nail paints for a reason. They give you perfect nails har roz in 2 coats, with instant smooth finish that will last you a week (wow!). With them, your makeup arsenal is complete and you’re ready to boss your way through the office work and be the dazzling diva during after-hour parties.

3. Faces Canada

With specially designed round-cut, fan shaped brush for the smoothest glide over your nails, there is nothing to not believe that they are one of the best.

Our life isn’t always perfect, but your nail polish collection will be when you get your hands on this product. Made for all your sundar sundar mukhre, they also believe good things come in small packages.

4. Revlon

The products are Formaldehyde & Toluene Free.

Revlon has been producing unapologetically bold beauty products for people to express their fierce and strong self. And the nail polishes are no different, created by professionals to fit your style. The chip-defiant and anti-fade formula gives your nails a bold brilliant colour and allows long wear.

5. O.P.I

Add more subtle drama to your nails from their range of 70+ colours.

Since its foundation in 1981, OPI has revolutionised the nail industry with its superior quality nail colours and care products. They say life is boring without colour, so go crazy with it! (we second that ladies).