10 Autumn-Winter Bag Styles That Are Trending In 2022

With neutral colours, geometric shapes, trendy patterns and quilted textures, here is a curated list of trendy bag styles from your favourite brands this 2020. Boost your shopping spirits this autumn-winter and keep scrolling to find out everything about the latest bag trends.

1. The Elegant Nudes & Pastels There are innumerable reasons why pastels are considered to be the new black. It’s time to reconsider your fashion game if nudes and pastels only make you think romantic. This soft colour palette makes every skin tone stand out and it’s a great colour to consider for your bags when you’re gradually transitioning into winters. Not only do these colours make you look elegant and feminine but also edgy. Needless to say, fancy designers love it too!

2. The Tassel Theory The bags styles that still haven’t gone out of fashion are fringes and tassels. If you’re looking forward to investing in one classic piece this autumn-winter, then this is the way to go. This is one such bag style that reminds every Indian woman of the Parisian influence that it summons. Pair this handbag with denim or your ethnic wear on weekends and slay the style game like no one else in the block.

3. The Minimal Wristlets Also known as pouch or pochette in French, wristlets are extremely handy for desi women who are a big fan of minimalism. Usually consisting of a long handle for hanging from the wrist, it also is made from easy-to-clean materials that make them convenient for carrying makeup and other essentials. Similar yet different from a clutch, wristlets must definitely be your new lookout this autumn-winter.

4. Satchel Games Desi women work on the move nowadays and satchel bags make it all easier for them. When carrying your laptop around on the metro or to important meetings, it’s crucial that you have the right sort of bag. Sturdy and big enough to hold your laptops and other essentials, satchel bags stop you from needing two bags at once. With work devices becoming smaller and lighter with time, bag styles have evolved too and it’s high time to move beyond the dated laptop bags and pick up a satchel for yourself.

5. Classic Tan Wallets Just like nudes and pastels, tan is another colour which is quite evergreen when it comes to bag styles. This is a go-with-everything colour which women particularly love getting their hands on. From high street to luxury brands, tan wallets are an absolute fashion-favourite. Tan wallets always look sophisticated, timeless and expensive. They work better with anything you put on from your wardrobe. It’s like that supportive friend in times of great outfit needs.