10 At-Home Fun Science Experiments To Do With Your Kids

1. Rain Cloud In A Jar

Making a rain cloud in a jar is a fun and easy way to teach children how it rains. Kids will love the magical ‘wow’ factor and you’ll love the easy prep!

2. DIY Tornado

Another interesting way to learn about the weather. It’s a quick and simple experiment to do at home and is amongst our go-to choice when we want to have some science fun!

3. Fizzy Volcanoes

Fizzy volcanoes are one of the classic science projects for kids, and they’re also one of the most popular. It’s hard to top the excitement of a volcano erupting inside your home.

4. Walking Water

The ‘walking water’ science experiment is a fun and easy way to engage children to learn. It shows them how capillary action works and the results are immediate. It’s such a fun way to teach kids STEAM.

5. Ice Picking String Experiment

If you are wanting to wow kids with this magical science experiment, hold up your “oohs” and “wowws” first!

6. Magic Milk Color Mixing

This experiment never gets old. Plus something really fun to do with expired milk! It is also a great way to explore primary colours in this magic milk twist.

7. Oobleck

This science experiment is a typical example of how an everyday item is truly magical yet goes unnoticed in our kitchens!

8. Rainbow Colour Gems

This experiment is easy, low cost and provides lots of investigative opportunities. It is a fun and easy way to teach children about mixing colors and creating new colors

9. Magic Balloon

How can we have our top favourite experiments without even a mention of balloons! Balloons come really handy when exploring science with kids at home. And this magic balloon experiment is yet another favourite of ours.

10. Rising Candle In A Water Jar

This breathtaking experiment is easy to do at home with your family.

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