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International Day Of Happiness 2023: 5 Tips To Practice Gratitude In Your Life


International Day Of Happiness came into being on 20th March 2013 – according to the provisions laid down by the United Nations in the previous year. The day aims to make people across the globe realise that there is more to life than pursuing materialistic ambitions, as that path does not always lead to happiness and positivity in our lives. Instead, the focus needs to be more on taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves and the people around, us as a means of leading a more fulfilling life.

History & Significance Of International Day Of Happiness

5 Ways How Your Source Of Happiness Lies With YOU

The very first International Day of Happiness was celebrated on 20th March 2013, as per the decision taken at the UN’s conference in 2012 that solely focused on ‘happiness’ as its agenda – the very first of its kind. The launch of the United Nations International Day of (UNIDO) Happiness was a part of this initiative. The objective behind establishing and observing the day was to bring to light that there is more to life than focusing on economic growth and similar other pressing matters that are given immense importance over other essential issues like happiness and health. 

A year later in 2015, the UN General Assembly listed 17 goals pertaining to sustainable development to enable citizens all over the world to live better and healthier lives, a way to enhance the sense of wellness and well-being among all – for individuals, countries, and organisations. These came into immediate force, starting from the World Day of Happiness of the same year.

The world that we live in is increasingly becoming more self-centred and greedy in the endless pursuit of dreaming of a “better” life, which invariably translates to a myopic penchant for materialism. They overlook their health and wellness in the milieu, which leads to severe health conditions and mental disorders like stress-induced anxiety and depression, along with a host of other negative emotions like frustration, disappointment, and feelings of not being enough. The most natural treatment that lies at the root of all these perils is focusing on happiness. Embracing self-love and self-care, leading a healthy life, and indulging in activities that give an individual pure, undiluted happiness. In short, International Day of Happiness seeks to make people across the world realise the importance of this emotion in their lives, which in turn, will enhance their quality of life.

5 Key Facts About International Day Of Happiness You May Be Interested In Knowing About

Here are 5 International Day of Happiness facts you may want to know about.

  1. The day has been celebrated since 2013.
  2. The objective behind the day – promoting the need for happiness and well-being in everyone’s lives – is one of the 17 goals of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  3. The day seeks to promote and achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone by improving their quality of life.
  4. The UN has listed the lack of basic necessities of life like education, awareness, affordable medical facilities, and violation of human rights, as some of the most pertinent factors behind lack of happiness, well-being, and wellness as being some of the leading deterrents of achieving happiness in life.
  5. As per the World Happiness Report, the unhappiest cities are mostly located in underdeveloped countries that are lacking in basic amenities and infrastructure, have recently faced natural calamities, or are ravaged by war. 

5 Ways Happiness Contributes To Our Lives

  1. The importance of happiness and other positive emotions is far-reaching. It contributes to a feel-good factor, and keeps one motivated, and in a positive frame of mind.
  2. Happiness and a positive mindset create a feeling of well-being and overall satisfaction in life.
  3. It makes people receptive to more experiences, which enriches their lives and also boosts their quality of life.
  4. Happy people have fewer health issues like high blood pressure and heart conditions.
  5. Studies have shown they also live a longer life. 

5 Useful Tips On How To Live A Happy Life

How to find happiness, you ask? To start with, a happy life begins with a healthy lifestyle – nutritious food, a daily fitness routine, and an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep. But these are all given. On World Day of Happiness, let’s discuss small acts that will answer your question on – how to lead a happy life.

1. Smile More Often

How to find happiness within yourself? This is how. Yeah, this might seem like a far-fetched idea, but not after you experience smiling more often. Consciously. Remember laughter clubs that senior citizens so thoroughly enjoy? They are devised for a specific reason and so widely popularly because of the benefits they offer to their participants. A feeling of joy and contentment, which creates a positive vibe throughout the day. If you find it difficult to smile for no reason, think happy thoughts – thoughts that you know will put a smile on your face immediately. 

2. Avoid News Overdose

They are your window to world affairs – financial, political, sports, editorials, general knowledge – everything that makes you aware of the world you live in, enlightening you on subject matters that fascinate you. But, truth be told, and you will agree, that news at times is too dark to handle. Most of the time, it feels like there’s more negative happening in the world than positive. And that acts as a trigger for negative emotions, which translates into a negative mindset. Sometimes severe enough to ruin your entire day.

3. Watch Out For The Company You Keep

Your surroundings affect your mood and mindset affect you in far more ways than what you may be aware of. You receive the vibe that is dominant around it, which ultimately overpowers you more often than not. And in no time, you’re consumed by it enough to pass it on to several more people around you, wherever you go.

4. Give A Compliment 

Who doesn’t like compliments? Irrespective of whatever their reaction may be – elated, mildly happy, indifferent, rude – deep down it actually makes them happy. Sparkle happiness in others and it will come back to you from the same person or others, on the same day or another.

5. Practice Gratitude

Be happy for the good things that happen to you. We almost always harp only on the negative. They are hard to digest and, hence, bug us to no end. In the process, we overlook the positives and fail to recognise and be thankful for the sources that contribute to our happiness.

6. Keep A Close Tab Of Your Diet

Food often dictates your mood. For instance, carbohydrates initiate the release of serotonin, known as the “feel good” hormone, which gives you a temporary high. This energy, owing to the starch and sugar, will fall soon, making you crash. Want to boost energy and concentration? Load up on proteins, without going overboard. Reduce the consumption of deep-fried and other junk foods as they make you feel heavy and bogged down after the initial happy high has worn off. 

Happiness often seems to evade us in our daily lives while we constantly try to make sense of life and achieve what we’re passionate about. When you want to know – how to find happiness – understand that it is right within us. Provided we know how to tap into this positive energy. So, on this World Day of Happiness, make a conscious effort to add “feeling happy” to your daily to-do list and indulge in the small acts that make you smile from within.

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