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Uncomplicate: What Is Squirting?


Squirting can be defined as the ejaculation of liquid that is not urine from the vagina. At times, it is also referred to as female ejaculation. Some experts believe that this is either rare or does not happen. There are others who opine that the fluid that is considered to be squirt is actually urine, although this is a contested claim. However, other scientists believe that squirting is a reality indeed. 

7 Facts About Squirting You Need To Know

1. Doesn’t Indicate “Good Sex”

Just seeing your juices flow doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve just had great sex or have masturbated successfully. While some bodies squirt easily, the same cannot be said about the other bodies, and both are perfectly normal.

2. May Feel Like You Want To Pee

Uncomplicate: What Is Squirting?

The sensation behind squirting may feel similar to that of peeing. That is, just before you’re about to squirt, it may feel like you want to pee. To do away with feeling double-minded in such a situation, make sure that you visit the washroom before you have sex – solo or with a partner – so squirting doesn’t feel like you want to pee. 

3. Let Go Of The Feeling To Pee

If the feeling of wanting to pee is so compulsive that you just cannot overlook it, take a washroom break, so you don’t pee while feeling you’re squirting.

4. Can Be Induced Both Internally & Externally

Totally confused about what this means? Let’s break it down and make it easy for you to understand. What we mean is, if stimulating yourself internally, that is, your G-spot does not do the magic for you in making you squirt, you can do so externally, that is, with a vibrator. 

5. Prepare For The Jet Spray

To let your juices flow when you want them to, prepare by drinking a lot of water in the hours preceding it. Lie down on a waterproof blanket or towel and insert a vibrator or let your partner do so for you. Experiment with locations like the bedroom, shower, kitchen, or any other places that fascinates the both of you and enjoy the joy ride.

6. Enhance Sex Lives

Studies have shown that women who squirt often produce a relatively large volume of fluid. Research also shows that squirting improves sex lives. 

7. Gives Rise To Different Sensations

The experience of pleasure through squirting isn’t the same for all. While for some the pleasure is intense, others may experience a chance in orgasm patterns ro a tingling sensation to urinate, as we’ve already discussed earlier in the article. 

8. The Reason Behind Squirting Is Still Vague

Scientists don’t yet have an explanation for why and how squirting happens. Some opine that it is the result of stimulation of the G-spot, while others deny the fact. In short, the subject is marred by controversy, with some believing that there is nothing called the G-spot. Some scientists explain that squirting happens as a result of the way the human bodies develop in the womb. Since the head of the penis and the clitoris are analogically similar, they at times tend to behave in a similar way. The assumptions behind why squirting occurs does not end there. For some researchers, squirting originates with a female prostate.

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