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Post-Sex Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Lady Bits Infection-Free


We always tend to overlook the hygiene drill we should follow after a hot sesh between the sheets or perhaps aren’t aware of how you must take care of your area down there after sex. Because it’s one area that our dadis and nanis never broached, unlike the desi nukhe for skin and hair care that they are passed down to us with great enthusiasm. So, we were left to our own devices to make meaning of “things”, mostly with a little help from our equally clueless friends and a looooot of assistance from Google Baba (like you’re doing right now!). So, here are 7 hygiene tips you should absolutely follow after a hot and heavy sesh between the sheets, irrespective of how time-starved or tired or sleepy you are.

7 Post-Sex Hygiene Tips For Women

1. Go Pee

The first and foremost after you’re just over with your sex sesh. Especially if you’re prone to UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). It isn’t necessary that you head to your washroom immediately after, but definitely after you hop out of bed or  before you doze off. Peeing helps in flushing out the germs that have entered your body during sex – germs that may gradually lead to infections in your urinary tract. 

2. Drink Water

Post-Sex Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Lady Bits Infection-Free
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As relevant as peeing right after sex, hydrating yourself is essential after you come out of your washroom. So that the germs that may not have been flushed out immediately after intercourse does not find its breeding ground inside your urinary tract but definitely makes their way back out the next time you go pee. 

3. Wipe / Wash Your Intimate Area

Start by cleaning your hand thoroughly with a sanitiser or a mild soap, before you go down there. Wash your vagina with lukewarm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap. Stay clear of hot water, chemical-based products, or scent-laced fragrances because that may irritate your intimate area, adversely affect its natural pH balance, or in extreme cases, lead to urinary tract infections. Also, don’t buy into the tall claims that intimate washes make about their effectiveness because they may do you more harm than good. Simply cleaning the vulva or the outer part of your vagina is sufficient and douching or cleaning the inside of your vagina is not necessary. There’s no need for you to be anything but gentle because your vagina is quite independent and is known for its self-cleaning mechanism. That apart, douching may raise the risk of possible infections. 

4. Slip Into Fresh Underwear

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Change into fresh panties as the one you’re wearing may be stained with body fluids that increase the risk of getting infected in your urinary tract yet again. Also, make sure you stick to 100% pure cotton panties as it is a breathable material and absorbs sweat quickly, keeping you smelling fresh down there and also further eliminating the scope of infections due to lack of hygiene. Turn your back on synthetic, non-breathable materials like nylon.

5. Thoroughly Clean Your Sex Toys

If you’ve involved them in your sexy time, there’s no doubt you need to wash them thoroughly. Follow the cleaning instructions that you should find on the label printed in the packaging. Washing these is important because they are strewn with vaginal discharge and semen and not cleaning them immediately may make them the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which is likely to make their way into you the next time you use the uncleaned toy. 

6. Check Yourself For Symptoms Of Infection

The presence of blisters, discharge, and spots, and similar symptoms on your lady bits might indicate the presence of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). Get yourself tested immediately rather than dismissing the signs and letting your condition get aggravated, should they be the symptoms of an STI. 

7. Tend To Your Anus

If you’d had anal sex, give it the same treatment as your vagina. Clean it with lukewarm water and chemical-free, non-scented soap and be even gentler than your vagina because the skin around your anus is even more delicate. Make sure you use a condom while having anal sex as well and be conscious of not following anal sex with vaginal sex. The anal canal comprises bacteria that may get passed on to your vagina, increasing the risk of UTIs yet again. 

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