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TC46 Approved: 5 Tried & Tested Hair Care Products To Stop Hairfall


The season to swap out t-shirts and shorts for ornate festive wear, heavy jewellery, layers of makeup, and detailed hairdos is here! And, with that, comes the uncompromising necessity for following a strict hair routine, so that all those detailed hairdos and hair gels cannot ruin the health of your precious tresses. But The Channel 46 has got you covered with its list of highly recommended hair care products with real-life reviews! Give these magical hair care products a try and let your hair shine away during the festivities and even after they are over!

1. Dromenco Ayurvedic Hair Brew Oil By Sneha

TC46 Approved: 5 Tried & Tested Hair Care Products That Are Worth Trying

How To Use It

As per the instructions on the label, I shake the bottle well before pouring a few drops of it on my palm. Then, I apply it all over my scalp and repeat this many more times till my entire scalp has been oiled evenly. I let the oil stay for at least 45 minutes on busy weekdays. On weekends, I leave it on overnight and wash my hair off with mild shampoo the morning after. 

What I Love About The Product

I received this product in impressive packaging. The flower petals added to its appeal. After all, first impressions do matter. Apart from the mild fragrance, I also noticed that the oil is replete with a wide array of natural ingredients like methi, dried neem leaves, and hibiscus, just to name a few – all of which nourish the hair from the roots. 

I have been using this product for over a month now and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that I am really loving the results. My scalp has always been prone to dandruff, which often causes redness and itching. I have been recommended several hair products by friends and family over the years and have also tried many other hair oils that I have come across on social media. But this product is exactly what I have always been looking for for decades.

 Applying this oil has reduced the dandruff flakes to a great extent, leaving your hair nourished. The frizz in my tresses is also much less than it used to be before I started using this product and I see an overall improvement in the quality of my hair. Not just that, my hair fall problem is also under control while the hair strands are smoother, healthier looking, and voluminous. The list doesn’t end there. The oil has been reduced by split ends too. This product is cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and toxin-free.

Price: Rs 2,299 (250ml)

Shop Dromen & Co Ayurvedic Hair Brew Oil

2. Ozone Signature Bhringaraja Taila By Rashmi

How I Use It

As mentioned in the product packaging, the Bhringaraja Oil should be gently massaged into the hair, more specifically the roots, for reaping the necessary benefits. Having read about the importance of a hair massage with hot oil, I pour a certain amount of the oil (that I believe is sufficient for my hair length) into a microwave-safe bowl and heat it for about 10 seconds. Once ready, I dip my fingertips into the bowl and then dab it onto the scalp between the hair partings. I repeat this step several times till I’ve massaged the oil all over the scalp. 

Next, I take a small pool of oil on my palm and apply it on my hair, right from the root to the tips. I leave it on overnight for the oil to work its magic on your tresses. The packaging also mentions that the oil should be allowed to sit for at least 45 minutes but I prefer keeping it on overnight to make the most of the benefits of the Bhringraja Oil. Lastly, I tie my hair up into a loose bun and cover my head with a shower cap, so that the oil does not soil my pillowcases. I have been using this for almost 2 months now.

What I Love About The Product 

The aroma of the Bhringaraja Oil put a smile on my face. It smelt of natural ingredients, devoid of chemicals, which piqued my interest in using it. More importantly, the dandruff on my scalp has visibly reduced over the last 2 months and the quality of my hair has improved as well. I had noticed my hair becoming increasingly more fine and brittle over the past few years, which this oil has addressed successfully. My hair also looked limp, dry, lifeless, and damaged. Now, the tresses have not only become thicker but shinier and healthier as well. What’s more, I also experience far less breakage when I comb my hair or run my fingers through the strands. I can’t ask for more hair oil within a short span of about 2 months. 

Another feature that attracts me to the product is its packaging. The eco-friendliness of the wood-based packaging appeals to environment-conscious people like me. That apart, the glass material of the bottle yet again ensures that the packaging is biodegradable and wouldn’t leave carbon footprints that cause irreversible harm to nature. I am yet to find a fault in this product and would definitely go for a repeat. 

Price: Rs 506 Rs 562 (100ml)

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3. Indulgeo Essentials Hair Promoter By Janhavi

How I Use It

I dispense a drop of the oil on my finger and rub all your fingertips together to distribute the oil. Next, I massage the scalp with my fingertips. It’s a one-drop treatment, so you’re recommended to use only one drop per affected area. As mentioned on the packaging, the treatment must be applied every single day and that’s exactly what I do for making optimal use of the product.

What I Loved About The Product

After trying out multiple hair growth products in the market, I came across Hair Promoter by Indulgeo Essentials. The oil is the ideal combination of pure organic essential oils like Geranium oil. Frankincense Oil, and Lavender Oil that are known for activating dead hair roots and combating early signs of pattern baldness. One of the most prevalent types of hair loss is frontal baldness, often known as a receding hairline or widow’s peak, something that I have.

This hair growth serum, blessed with the potency of frankincense essential oil, stimulates blood circulation and encourages hair growth by targeting the follicles and – benefits that I have been experiencing not long after I started using this product. What’s more, the length of my hair has also increased much faster than it usually does. 

The geranium essential oil in this product has helped my scalp maintain just the right balance of sebum on my otherwise dry scalp. For those with an oily scalp, the oil is beneficial for them too. As a result, it is a good therapy for both dry and oily dandruff, while ensuring the smoothness and silkiness of my hair. 

Lavender oil in this product is believed to prevent hair thinning, apart from promoting hair growth. It actually does and I have witnessed its benefits myself. 

Every hair issue has a root cause, and the best solution is to treat that cause. For me, this serum has been a perfect blend to address my hair loss and lack of hair growth issues. My verdict – totally recommend it!

Price: Rs 1,000

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4. Kerastase Genesis Masque Reconstituant By Karishma

How I Use It

A hair mask is like a treatment step, you would apply it in between your shampoo and conditioner. Use the shampoo to remove all of the dirt build-ups, then apply the hair mask treatment step from the mid-length of your hair to the tips of damp hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it off thoroughly. And then finish with your conditioner. Important note, a hair mask is not a replacement for a hair conditioner, so don’t skip that step.

What I Love About The Product 

I have tried the shampoo as well as the hair serum and I love the entire range. This is my favourite product. Though the price may make it seem expensive, it’s totally worth it. The main reasons I like this hair mask and why I would recommend it for Autumn-Winter are that it really does reduce hair fall. It hydrates your ends, especially if you have coloured, treated or dry hair. Considering the dry weather in winter, I would definitely recommend this mask. It restores the shine of your hair. I colour my hair and this mask has added bounce to my hair. Some masks, if they don’t suit you, can make your hair oily and weighed down. With the Kerastase Genesis one, my hair still looks great on the second-day post-wash. I would suggest giving it about 4 to 6 weeks to really see the effect of the treatment. If you are going in with the entire range or even the shampoo, you can see the difference from the first wash itself.

Price: Rs 3,200 (200ml)

Myra Veda’s Luxury Essentials Moroccan Argan & Blackseed Restorative Shampoo By Mansi

How I Use It

I have been using it for 2 weeks and I like it. My hair leans more on the oily side but this shampoo works well for me. I use it about twice a week since I don’t wash my hair that often.

What I Love About The Product

What excited me the most is the packaging of the product, and the luxurious case it comes in. The gold detailing on the product is what I absolutely adore. The shampoo is 100% vegetarian, doesn’t contain mineral oil and is silicone and paraben-free. It’s a ton of goddesses in just one product. You can choose a smaller size to try out the product but I’m sure you’ll love it. My favourite thing about the shampoo is the smell because a hair care product with a nice fragrance makes you feel good. It’s extremely moisturising, I’ve used it without a conditioner and it kept my hair super soft. So if you don’t want to do your entire hair care routine, you can just use the shampoo and go about your day.

Price: Rs 775 (200ml)

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