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How To Remove Gel Nail Polish Like A Pro!


Nothing can brighten up your day as well as freshly done nails. While your nail paint may not be as obvious as your makeup or dress, it sure does play an important role in enhancing your entire look. And now that nail art is so in, this is one trend you cannot afford to miss. 

And as much as we like showing off our pretty, dainty, painted nails, removing the nail varnish still seems like an annoying process. Whether your manicure has lost its lustre or you are planning to try on a different shade, you have to get rid of the current coat of nail polish you are wearing. 

To make sure that you cause minimum damage to your nail bed, you must remove the nail paint the right way. Let us help you out! Read on to find out how to remove nail polish (even gel-based ones!) with and without a nail paint remover. 

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home With A Remover?

Nail paint removers contain chemicals that can be harsh on your nail and skin. Make sure to follow the instructions given on the bottle. Also, avoid frequent use of nail paint and nail polish to maintain the health of your nail beds. 

When it comes to nail paint removers, you have two options- acetone-based and non- acetone based. While acetone-based removers do a better and quicker job, non-acetone-based removers are a safer bet for the sake of the health of your nails.

No matter what type of remover you plan to use, here is how to use nail polish remover without causing much damage to your nail beds:

  1. Soak the cotton ball in the remover and use it to scrub off the nail paint. Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated room to reduce the chances of inhaling harmful chemicals. 
  2. Once the nail paint is removed, make sure to wash your hands to get rid of residual nail paint remover.
  3. Apply a cuticle serum or oil.
  4. Follow by using a nourishing hand moisturiser. 

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Remover With 5 Simple Hacks

Ran out of nail paint remover? No problem! Use these easy ways to remove nail polish hacks. 

1. Deodorant Or Perfume

Alcohol-based products like perfume and deodorant can also help remove nail paint. Here is how you can use these products to get rid of nail polish:


  1. Spray a little deodorant on your nails. 
  2. Use a cotton pad to rub away the nail paint. You may have to try more than once to see results.
  3. Spray some perfume on a tissue and use it to rub off the nail paint from your nails. 

2. Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitisers may work better than deodorants and perfumes since they have higher alcohol content. 


  1. Apply some hand sanitiser on a tissue or a cotton ball. 
  2. Rub this on your nails.
  3. If you don’t get desired results in one go, repeat. 

3. White Vinegar

Thanks to its acidic nature, vinegar does a pretty decent job of getting rid of nail paint. Here is how to remove nail polish without remover with the help of this natural ingredient:

  1. Soak your fingers in white vinegar for about 10 minutes. You can also squeeze in half a lemon in it for added effect. 
  2. Then try removing the nail paint with the help of a cotton ball, tissue or clean cloth. 
  3. Make sure not to pick at it with your other nails. This can end up weakening your nails. 

Use this method for how to remove nail polish naturally without causing much harm to your nail beds or cuticles. 

4. Toothpaste

Since toothpaste contains ethyl (also found in nail paint removers), you can use this household ingredient to strip away nail polish. It is best to use white toothpaste to remove nail polish without remover.


  1. Use an old toothbrush or a paper towel to rub a little bit of toothpaste on your nail. 
  2. Continue scrubbing till you get desired results.

Now you know how to remove nail polish with toothpaste. You can add a little baking soda to the toothpaste for more effect. 

5. Topcoat

Is it really possible to get rid of nail paint by applying more nail paint? Yes, it is! Here is how:


  1. Apply top coat nail polish on your nail and then wipe it away quickly. 
  2. Make sure to wipe off the top coat while it’s wet. This will help peel off the nail paint you want to get rid of. 

4-Step Process To Remove Gel Nail Polish

No matter how tempted you are to peel off your gel manicure, it may not be the best decision for your nails. Here’s how to remove gel nail polish the right way. 

Step 1: Filing 

The first step in the process of how to remove gel nail polish at home is to file it down. Use a fresh nail file to carefully file away the topcoat of your manicure. Remove as much topcoat as you can but remember to be gentle. When you notice the finishing has become dull or the colour has faded, stop. 

Step 2: Soaking

Place a cotton pad soaked in acetone on the nails. Use foil to wrap the tip of your finger. This will hold the cotton pad in place. Let the cotton pad stay on your nails for about 10 to 15 minutes. In case the polish doesn’t come off after 15 minutes, keep the pad on a little longer. When you notice that the polish seems to look lifted from the nail, you’ll know that the gel has been removed completely. 

Wondering how to remove gel nail polish at home without acetone? Here is what you can do. In case you do not have acetone, prepare a mixture of warm water, a teaspoon of salt and dish soap. Soak your hands in this mixture for about half an hour. This will help soften the gel so that you can remove the nail paint with ease. 

Step 3: Gently Remove The Polish

In case the polish doesn’t slide off after step 2, soak a fresh cotton pad in acetone and keep it on the nail for some more time. Tackle one nail at a time. Make sure to pull off the foil using a twist-and-squeeze motion. To get rid of any residual polish, use an orange stick and gently scrape off the gel by working towards the top of your finger. 

Step 4: Wash & Nourish 

After you are done getting rid of the nail paint, make sure to wash your hands to get rid of the remaining acetone. Follow by using a nourishing cuticle serum or oil. The final step in the process of how to remove gel nails at home is using a moisturiser to nourish your hands. 

How To Remove Nail Polish From Skin?

Applying nail paint on your own can get messy. If you do end up getting nail paint on your skin, here is how to get rid of it:

  1. Use a cotton ball/swab dipped in acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover. 
  2. If the nail paint is still wet, use a baby wipe or a cotton ball or a soft towel dipped in coconut oil to wipe it all. This hack works well for sensitive areas or sensitive skin. 
  3. Wondering how to remove nail polish without remover? Warm water can also be used to remove nail polish from the skin. 
  4. Use a cotton ball/swab dipped in alcohol-based solutions like hand sanitiser, spirits, or rubbing alcohol. 

Don’t forget to moisturise your skin after getting rid of the nail polish. 

4 Smart Hacks On How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes

101 Guide To Removing Stubborn Nail Polish Stains 

If you have accidentally stained your clothes with nail paint, the first thing you may want to do is contain it. Use a paper towel to remove as much nail polish as you can. Make sure not to rub it. You can also use a blunt tool like a butter knife to carefully remove excess nail paint. Once the excess nail paint is removed, it’s time to work on the stain.

This is how to remove nail paint from clothes without damaging the garment:

  1. Soak the stained clothes in a white vinegar-warm water solution for about 20 Minutes 
  2. Apply nail polish remover or an alcohol-based product to the stain and rub still until the nail paint is gone. 
  3. Rub petroleum jelly on the stain and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Followed by washing the apparel as usual. 
  4. Once the nail paint is completely dry, saturate the stain with hairspray and let it dry. Use a pair of tweezers to get rid of flaky residue. Peel off the remaining nail polish. Launder your apparel as usual. 

The most important factor in the process of how to remove nail polish from clothes is to act on time. The faster you act, the more chances you have of removing the stain completely. 

3 Ways To Remove Nail Polish From The Floor

Made a mess on the floor during one of your manicure sessions? No problem! Here is what you can do to get rid of the stain: 

  1. To remove a stubborn nail polish stain, soak a cotton patch in rubbing alcohol and leave it on the stain for a few minutes. Then gently scrub out the polish. Repeat the process if the stain doesn’t disappear completely the first time. 
  2. Use a small amount of acetone or a nail paint remover containing acetone and a clean cloth to rub off the nail paint from tiles. Follow by wiping the area with water to remove traces of acetone. 
  3. For stubborn stains, make a thick paste by mixing some laundry detergent and water. Scrub the stain with this paste and then lay a damp rag over it. Let it sit for about a day or two. Rinse out the paste with water. 

Running out of nail paint remover should be the last thing stopping you from putting on a fresh coat of nail paint. With these hacks, you can get rid of your old nail polish without damaging your nails or skin.

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