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Vocal For Local: Women Entrepreneurs We’re Cheering On This Week

Women Entrepreneurs We’re Cheering On This Week

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon Indians to be ‘vocal for local’ and the entire nation applauded this step that proved to be a boost for Indian entrepreneurs. It has promoted local businesses during COVID-19 and given customers the ability and motivation to shop locally with ease. This rebranded version of ‘Made In India’ has our support, and every month, TC46 will spotlight small businesses and ventures you can champion and back easily through online and offline purchases.

Artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries and experts, Indian women are shattering glass ceilings and breaking out of boxes. Success, tied with skills and hard work, is what makes those featured in our list today an inspiration for many. And the journey, for these women of incredible talent, are stories that must be told.

This week, here are some brands we’re cheering on; check them out!

Sustainable Fashion by Bhumika & Jyoti

Bhumika Chedda and Jyoti Mukerji started a zero-waste and entirely sustainable fashion label in 2016. They upcycle fabrics like cotton, silk, and jute to create designs. Their namesake brand also uses cut-off materials to make accessories like fabric earrings, dress belts and lehenga borders. Even their price tags are made from recycled jute.

From Indian and western wear to accessories, shoes, and bags, the brand carries a variety of sustainable products. The zeal for sustainability makes it a go-to brand for environmentally conscious women looking for the latest fashion.

Bhumika joined her aunt and designer, Seema Roye, and was also a part of the team that designed Beyonce’s outfit when she toured the Middle East. Jyoti grew up with a strong passion for sketching and embroidery, and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. She completed a diploma in fashion design from SNDT College, and started styling her sister-in-law and actor, Rani Mukerji.

The brand’s ready-to-wear collection starts from Rs 5,000, hand-woven sarees start from Rs 25,000, and accessories start from Rs 2,000. Their store is located in Juhu, Mumbai. You can follow them on social media for updates from the brand.

Cakes & Pastries by Indulge – The Dessert Co

Located in Mumbai, Dhruvi Desai started Indulge in 2018. After completing her Master’s in international business, she worked at a startup. She was always passionate about baking and would take up baking workshops and practice on the weekends. Eventually, she quit her job and began working with a vegan pastry chef. Interning for 3 months gave her great hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge about eggless and vegan baking. Once the internship was over, she decided to open Indulge in February 2018.

The idea that began from home and as a hobby to indulge friends and family, turned into a business where she was making unique cakes and desserts in terms of design.

The brand is solely focused on eggless and gelatine-free desserts which include a wide variety of flavours in cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and tarts. Their gifting and packaging for festivals and special occasions is a speciality. 

The price varies depending on the size and flavour of the dessert you choose. On an average, a 1kg cake ranges from Rs 1400 – Rs 2000, depending on the kind of customisation that is required. Cupcakes and brownies are upward of Rs 70 per piece.

The products are showcased on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook page and are available for pick up from their Malabar Hill address in Mumbai. 

Sustainable Fashion & Beauty by Tjori

Tjori Foggy Grey Wrap Scarf, INR 1,900 onwards

Mansi Gupta started Tjori in 2013. Based out of New Delhi, the initial inspiration was a small Spanish boutique named Zara that had taken over the world of fashion! “The idea of giving our artistic and talented Indian craftsmen a global platform to showcase their skills was my biggest inspiration to create this brand.” Tjori caters to 195 countries across the globe.

Co-founder & CEO, Mansi Gupta graduated from Wharton School Of The University Of Pennsylvania, believes in leading a sustainable lifestyle and tries to incorporate that in her business as well. The brand’s shoes are made from cruelty-free leather, their clothes are made from organic fabrics like bamboo that is skin-friendly, and their cosmetics are also made from natural ingredients.

The brand carries an array of products like sustainable men, women and baby apparel, skin and hair care cosmetics, shoes, jewellery, bags, face masks, home decor and soft furnishings. 

Apparel starts from Rs 800, cosmetics from Rs 150, shoes from Rs 1,300, jewellery from Rs 350, bags from Rs 600, and home decor from Rs 600. You can shop Tjori on their e-commerce website and store in New Delhi. You can also take a peek at their social media.

Want us to be VocalForLocal for your brand or know someone whose work you’d like to cheer on? Drop us an email to be featured on The Channel 46 at contact@anvilmedia.in.



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