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    Entrepreneurship Made Easy: 5 Hobbies You Can Convert Into A Business

    Taking something up you love as a career is everyone’s dream. When you are passionate about your work, the challenges seem small and the goal a lot more achievable. Turning a hobby into a business idea is not only enjoyable but also easy-to-do as you shorten the learning curve and startup time. While there are tons of ideas available, here are some that can help you make money easily. Wanna run your cloud kitchen business without any hurdles? Check it out here.

    From gourmet chocolates to running a content agency, women have been turning their passion into business ventures for decades. Women have been churning out unique ideas and reaching new heights of success. Homemakers turned fitness coaches, new-age financial advisors and much-in-demand language instructors are only a few examples of endless ventures women have come up with.

    Did You Know?

    According to the Sixth Economic Census, conducted in 2014, more than 90% of companies run by women are micro-enterprises, and about 79% are self-financed.

    5 Hobbies To Convert Into A Successful Business

    Apart from financial freedom, running your own business brings you the flexibility to juggle multiple responsibilities. With the job market being at an all-time low, there couldn’t be a better time to kick start your own project. All you need is passion and knowledge to build your business successfully.

    1. Arts & Crafts

    Image Via Instagram / With Love By Vedika

    If you have a ton of art supplies and a flair for creativity, then this venture is perfect for you. All you need to do is take your love for arts and crafts and turn into a viable business idea. You can make unique envelopes that sell that hot cakes during festivals. Or paper flowers and Origami art that still garners a huge audience. From wall hangings to coasters and customised nameplates to bookmarks, you can make a ton of products that are in demand. 

    This can be done from home without having to rent a space or even hire help. You can market your craft and products on social media for free and spread the word in your network. Apart from art supplies, all you need are your skills and talents.

    2. Food

    Image Via Instagram / Roots By Ritika

    One of the best business ideas with low investment and high profit can be to start a food business. Homemade food is unbeatable and certainly in demand during such trying times. With hygiene being a key element of all activities since the pandemic, you can offer a solution with your own food business. Quaint bakeries are high on popularity and regional cuisines from home kitchens are becoming a favourite for many. If you’re a pro in the kitchen and want to start a tiffin service, this is a great way for you to do what you love, and earn money in the process.

    You can bake cookies, cakes, pastries and so much more and even customise it. Cloud kitchens, where amateur chefs prepare and deliver a selection of cuisines from home, are growing in popularity. From bakery items like home-baked cakes to healthy salads and dips to even your nani’s aam ka achaar, you can start a business with whatever you think you can prepare best. What’s more, you can even tie-up with some cloud-kitchen based services, or food delivery services to get more orders without having to burden yourself with additional costs. Social media and marketing on food blogs and grocery websites can help you reach a wider audience.

    3. Writing

    Image Via Instagram / The Munching Backpack

    If you scroll through your social media feed, you will see tons of marketing and content tactics used by brands to grow their audience. In a world where marketing and content hold such high value, writing is a great business option. You can turn your expertise or zeal for a certain subject into a blog. If you have the skills to write substantial content, you can start your own content agency.

    Bloggers-turned-influencers are flourishing all over the world. From niche, micro, macro to mega, social media influencers of today, who started off as bloggers, are helping consumers mould decisions. You can blog about a variety of topics like food, fashion, parenting, beauty, entrepreneurship and so much more. Here are some quirky desk decor ideas to help you create that creative space while kickstarting your blogging venture.

    4. Gardening

    Image Via Instagram / Garden Up

    If you think it’s fun to snip off fresh herbs from inside your kitchen or pluck crisp vegetables right from your terrace or balcony, then here’s a great business idea for you. With people focusing on health and looking to organic/homegrown produce, this has become a highly lucrative business plan. 

    If you have space for gardening or even a terrace garden, you can get started very easily and very quickly. You could grow a variety of vegetables or focus on a few that have high demand or aren’t as easily available. Use your little kitchen garden to supply produce at market price. Or, turn to online grocery apps and sell organic, safe vegetables.

    5. Beauty

    Image Via Instagram / The Nail Box By Punam

    Don’t you love it when you can get pampered with a beauty treatment from a professional? We all do and thus the beauty industry is a growing sector that makes a lot of money. Know how to do a variety of makeup looks from fashion shows to weddings? Or can whip up fantastic mehendi designs in minutes? Then you can turn your talent into business with ease.

    Several self-taught makeup artists who learnt from YouTube tutorials are now a handling flourishing beauty venture. For those who can skillfully apply mehendi, you can start advertising on social media and ask for referrals. If you plan on opening your makeup business, you can opt for a salon or market on social media for a to-go venture. From beauty treatments to mehendi art and makeup to hairstyling, the possibilities are endless!

    Converting a hobby into a business mainly requires passion and a basic understanding of your target market. Business ideas like jewellery-making, hand-crafted ceramics and many more are soaring with success. Believe in yourself, hone your hobby and get ready to start your business venture!

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