WorkCareerEssential Makeup & Styling Tips To Enhance Your Everyday Office Look

Essential Makeup & Styling Tips To Enhance Your Everyday Office Look

Ah, the never-ending dilemma of what to wear to the office. We know what it feels like. There are days you wake up and complain about how nothing in your wardrobe seems right. While wearing a business suit is considered professional, a kurti can turn into a formal office look too.

Outfit? Check. Makeup? That too, check. Makeup also plays an important role in defining the whole look. That’s why with stylish outfit ideas we have mentioned some daily makeup tips for office. Read on to know.

6 Most Trending Outfit Ideas For Office

1. Saree

Saree To Enhance Your Office Look
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The saree will never go out of style when it comes to nailing the office look. Many women avoid sarees because they think it gets uncomfortable to wear them at work. We say, however, that if you choose comfortable fabrics like cotton and chiffon, it is wearable and looks extremely elegant. If the drape bothers you, use safety pins to ensure it stays a place. These days, you can get pre-stitched sarees too!

Choose colours in mellow pastel hues and earthy tones. Team it with a jutti or choose formal flat sandals which will go perfectly with your saree.

2. Palazzo Pants And Formal Shirt

Palazzo Pant And Formal Shirt For Office Wear
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If comfort is on your mind, palazzo pants are the perfect match for you. Pair them with a formal shirt or blouse and get a professional yet trendy office look. 

One way you spice up this outfit is to go for a printed shirt if you are wearing plain palazzo pants and vice versa. Another is wearing a dark solid colour shirt and light pants or vice versa. Opt for ballerina flats or pump heels with this outfit.

3. Business Suits

Business Suits For Office
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Seeking the perfect office look, women? 

You’ll see that business suits are the most popular formal wear worldwide. Business suits make a woman look classy and sophisticated. Although, choosing well-fitted blazers is important. 

Go for neutral colours and seasonless fabrics. Invest in good quality material otherwise, it looks shabby.

4. Kurti And Cigarette Pants

Kurti And Cigarette Pants to Nail Your Office Look
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The kurti is something almost every Indian woman owns. It’s comfortable, stylish and trendy too. Wearing cigarette pants with a kurti makes the whole look neat and fashionable. 

Here too, opting for neutral colours with minimal design works really well. Wearing juttis or low heels works best with this outfit.

5. Shirt And Skirts

Shirt And Skirts For Office Wear
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Pairing a formal skirt with a formal shirt and blazer is an evergreen business look. Wear a nice printed shirt with a contrasting pencil skirt and blazer and it looks flattering. With this outfit, opt for pumps. 

6. Formal Dresses

Formal Dress For Office
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The complete style guide to enhance your office look would be incomplete without the mention of dresses. A neat neutral-coloured knee-length dress with pump heels makes for an amazing office outfit. It is wearable, formal yet chic. 

6 Quick & Easy Office Makeup Tips For Subtle Yet Stylish Look

A great office makeup look will boost your confidence. If you are someone who wears makeup to work one of the obvious office makeup tips would be to keep your makeup minimal and clean. Loud makeup isn’t pleasing when you are in an office environment. Here’s a step-by-step office makeup look.

1. Concealer

Concealer For Office Makeup

To cover the blemishes or discolouration on your face apply a concealer. For a daily office makeup look applying concealer alone can give you a flawless base if you use the right products and method.

Apply a little concealer on areas where you have discolouration or marks and under your eyes. Blend this either using your fingers or a concealer brush. 

2. Setting Powder

Loose Pressing powder To Set Office Makeup

Use a loose pressing powder to set your concealer in place as no one likes a creased face. And using the powder leaves a smooth finish to your face. Any and every kind of makeup, including office makeup, is incomplete if you don’t set it.

Use a powder brush to set the powder on your face. Dust the powder on areas where you tend to get oily. 

3. Brows

Eyebrow Filling To Enhance Your Office Makeup

Well done brows frame your face. That is why when it comes to makeup, eyebrows are a must. And since thick eyebrows can take your makeup game to another level, you should learn how to grow eyebrows naturally here.

Use any eyebrow pencil you like and go over your eyebrows to fill it. Make sure that the colour of your eyebrow pencil is not too dark or light. Learn how to use an eyebrow pencil to darken eyebrows and shape them to perfection here.

4. Eyes 

Mascara To Finish Your Office Eye Makeup

Mascara is one eye makeup product that looks neat. If you use kajal and eyeliner make sure to opt for a waterproof and long-lasting one. Use mascara to make your eyes look big. You can learn these quick eyeliner styles to get a flawless eye makeup look.

Apply 3-4 coats of your favourite mascara on your upper as well as lower lashes.

5. Blush 

Blush For Subtle Office Makeup

To bring back some colour on your face use a blush. Concealer hides the natural colours of your face, using a blush will make it look nice and healthy.

Use a blush shade which suits you best and apply with a blush brush. Blend with the brush and then again with your fingers to make it look more natural

6. Lipstick 

Subtle Lipstick To Complete Your Makeup

Nowadays there are a lot of options for lip colours. From liquid mattes to lip creams choose whatever you feel is best.

Use any light or nude shade of your choice. If you use lip liners go over with that first and then apply the lip colour.

6 Additional Styling Tips To Lift Up Your Office Look

  • Grooming and personal hygiene are as important as dressing well. Take good care of how you smell and make sure your nails are clean and decent.
  • While choosing accessories which compliment your outfit make sure you go for the most minimal one. Avoid heavy jewellery pieces.
  • Shoes play an important role in framing an outfit. Go for the ones that fit you best. Ill-fitted shoes will just make you uncomfortable the whole day.
  • Your hair also matters when we talk about looking professional. Go for a sleek hairstyle or if you tend to keep it open make sure it is combed always and not frizzy.
  • Always iron your formal clothes as creased clothes just won’t leave a good impression.
  • Make sure the purse or bag you choose to carry is a neutral colour too. 

Looking professional is a part of being professional. But it isn’t everything. Make sure you concentrate on being a professional more than looking like one. Because outfits and makeup only leave a good first impression. And that impression is maintained by the consistency of your work.   

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