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    Everything You Need To Know About The Field Of Telecommuting

    More and more industries and jobs are considering teleworking as a successful model of employment. You and your co-workers can connect via various online platforms and if need be can also visit your office occasionally. Telecommuting and teleworking have become an integral part of our lives. Even certain medical professionals have accepted this digital way of working from home.

    What Exactly Is Telecommuting?

    Telecommuting is an arrangement for the employee to work outside of their central workplace. It is also referred to as teleworking, e-commuting, or working remotely. They can work from their homes as well as places like coffee shops, libraries or any other private premises. Employees may telecommute full time or on certain occasions(like pregnancy, tours) or some days per week. For this mode of employment, you usually use technology(phone, computers, various apps) to do your job and also to maintain a connection between you and your employees or employers.

    The Pros & Cons Of Telecommuting

    Certain important and recognizable pros of working remotely have encouraged more and more industries to try this way of employment.

    Advantages Of Telecommuting

    1. Flexible Work Hours: Working remotely allows the workers to have greater control and freedom over their work hours and personal time. It also allows employees to have a perfect work balance and flexibility over personal obligations. Teleworking also saves travel time and hence increases work capacity and also ensures more time for personal matters.
    1. Boosts Productivity: Being at home and around a familiar and peaceful environment allows employees to be more comfortable and more productive. It also helps them pay more attention to the work at their hands and in turn, boosts their efficiency.
    1. Lessens Expenditures: Teleworking being a way of remote work can save both the employers and employees money. For an employee, the money for daily transport to reach the workplace is saved and also if the Wi-Fi, phone services, and other utilities are paid by the employer, money is saved there too. As for an employer, any expenditure related to running an office, free snacks is saved.
    1. Employee Retention: Most employees working remotely full-time say they are satisfied and happier at their jobs than people who aren’t working remotely. They say they feel less pressured and stressed daily. This in turn ensures employee retention and in turn, is more trusted by their managers.

    Disadvantages Of Telecommuting:

    1. Blurring Of Boundaries: Telecommuting and Teleworking often makes it difficult to set clear boundaries between work and other duties (eg. taking care of their child, household tasks).
    1. Easily Distracted: Pets, children, family members, or roommates can be easy distractions from their assigned tasks. Working from coffee shops or other public places can also be distracting.
    1. Feeling Detached: Not being around their co-workers can make employees feel a little detached and isolated especially if they live alone. The fun chit chats and small breaks with their colleagues increase productivity. Remote working does not allow that. It may affect their morale and performance.
    1. Technical Issues: Communicating with managers and co-workers only via online platforms and technology can be challenging sometimes. It might hamper the quality of the result.

    10 Platforms That Help Get Telecommuting Jobs

    With the changes in the lifestyle, more and more people are drifting away from usual 8 to 9-hour corporate jobs. If you are ready to find an alternative for yourself, it’s time when you should approach any of the websites mentioned below that help get telecommuting jobs.

    1. – An Australian based platform that promotes telecommuting jobs by bridging the gap between clients and freelancers.
    1. Jobspresso – An extremely user-friendly website that allows you to search for your desired telecommuting job.
    1. Flexjobs – A paid website that provides you with hand-screened job opportunities Free of scams and ads. Allows you to build your resume on the website itself.
    1. Remotive – It is a newsletter for telecommuting jobs seekers that features the best telecommuting jobs. The newsletter is bi-monthly.
    1. Indeed – One of the largest, most powerfully built telecommuting job providers out there today. It pulls data from worldwide to bring you telecommuting work opportunities.
    1. Virtual Vocations – Presently working as one of the largest platforms for telecommuting job postings. It has over 10,000 telecommuting jobs available.
    1. We Work Remotely – A website that provides telecommuting jobs for both companies and individuals. Programming and design are amongst the few job opportunities that are best available on this website.
    1. Remote Ok – This website allows you to customize your search for opportunities by recruiters, position level, tech/non-tech, type or industry such as design, marketing, and management.
    1. Authentic Jobs – A leading job board for creative as well as tech-related jobs.
    1. Upwork – One of the most sought after telecommuting job sites that features work in a huge suite of categories.

    10 Best Telecommuting Jobs Suitable For Women

     Below are certain telecommuting jobs best for women.

    1. Customer Service Representative

    Workers who can take calls, respond to inquiries, and provide customers with assistance, and also complete other tasks assigned can be easily qualified for this job. You will need to learn and use technology and software programs.

    2. Data Entry Specialist

    One of the most popular jobs for mothers at home is data entry. These positions are highly flexible and allow you to manage your daily routine and then work when the children are sleeping or at school. This job requires strong keyboard skills and sharp attention to details- a trait most parents have.

    3. Proofreader

    As a remote proofreader, you’ll have to ensure consistency, format checking, facts confirming, check grammar, and more. Proofreaders are usually highly observant people and can find even the slightest of mistakes.

    4. Writer Or Blogger

    Many publications and online resources are being aware of the daily struggles faced by women and are trying to create awareness about it. Writing blogs can be really helpful and productive and you can easily do it all from the comfort of your room.

    5. Online Tutor

    Online teaching has also become more popular and thus becoming an online tutor is also a great choice. Classes usually span between 8 am till 4 pm, so you get enough time for yourself too.

    6. Software Engineer

    They work with different types of programming languages like Java, C++, and Python. They can work from home and complete the tasks assigned to them and send them via online platforms (eg. e-mails). This is one of the high paying telecommute jobs 

    7. Graphic Designer

    Visual and digital designers can find positions and roles that allow you to do the job completely from home and also on a flexible schedule. Graphic Designing includes creating logos and ads, designing websites, leaflets, or other informational materials.

    8. Social Media Specialist

    This job requires creating posts and content for a company’s website to increase their communities and popularity.

    9. Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistants provide administrative advice to clients while working outside of the client’s office. Planning events, scheduling meetings and travel, handling emails, and researching may also be done by a virtual assistant. 

    10. Marketing Specialist

    These positions take up many forms like a content strategist, SEO specialist, marketing coordinator, and the like. Marketing includes promoting a product or service through branding and reaching out to companies and clients.

    These are few telecommuting jobs that are perfect and suitable for women. 

    Key Takeaways

    • Telecommuting refers to working outside the central workplace be it the employee’s home, coffee house, or any other suitable public or private areas
    • Nowadays more and more industries and services allow teleworking for their employees
    • Some people telework full time while some others only do it for certain days or occasions
    • Teleworking has a lot of advantages like flexibility, increased productivity, and low costs but it also has its downsides as well
    • There are many teleworking jobs perfectly suitable for women

    Telecommuting was a theory that started decades ago to save time, money, and the environment. Thanks to numerous technological breakthroughs, a lot of people e-commute now. It gives them more personal space and time and also saves money. Teleworking can be useful especially for women so that they can remain active in their workspaces in every phase of their life. Working from home might seem difficult sometimes but with the rising environmental concerns, rising gas prices, and struggling employee morale teleworking can be a way out. 

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