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    8 Best Online Jobs For Women That You Can Do From Home

    Housewives and stay at home mothers do some of the most essential jobs in the world. They are homemakers, they take care of the family, and they transform a house into a home. And on top of all this, they actively look for opportunities and ways to make money and support the family from their end.

    Online jobs for women allow housewives the flexibility to work from home without having to compromise on your home duties and working in free time. Indian women get married in their prime working years and are not always able to pursue 9 to 5 jobs due to family responsibilities. The opportunities to work further diminish after childbirth and any extra income can immensely help in securing the family financially and creating a buffer for the children’s future.

    The Internet has brought in the age of easy access, and online jobs for women at home have become a reality. A simple internet connection and a computer is enough for you to start your online career and earn your income without having to bail on your other responsibilities.

    Requirements For Starting An Online Job

    To begin your online job, you must first take into account all the essentials required for doing your job. Once you have understood the basic requirements you need to meet, you can then go on and job hunt for online jobs for housewives and start working right away. Different online jobs can have different requirements in the long run, but we will try to list some of the most basic requirements you must fulfill to start your online career. You need:

    • A personal computer. It can be a desktop computer or a laptop, whichever is convenient for you. 
    • Get a stable internet connection. If possible, go for a home broadband plan or something similar to allow for unlimited data usage so you don’t run out of data in the middle of your work. 
    • Get yourself a dedicated work email account to register and communicate with employers and clients.
    • If you already have a bank account, set up wallets or other e-banking services for ease of payment. If you don’t have a bank account, set up a bank account and get online wallets linked like PayPal, UPI, etc.

    8 Best Online Jobs That Homemakers Can Consider

    1. YouTuber

    Start Your Youtube Channel

    Operating your own YouTube channel is one of the most popular ways for people to work from home and one of the few online jobs for women without investment. You can have your own thing where you can showcase your skills, talents, or give people tips regarding various day to day and professional matters. You can start your channel by simply recording your smartphone. Here are some ideas for your channel, cooking, art, and craft, vlogs, skincare and beauty tips, dance, and even mini-shows and stories.

    2. Data Entry

    Data Entry Job

    Data entry requires you to only be skilled in typing. You have to look at pictures and then transfer that data by typing into an excel sheet or word file. However, be wary of scammers and stay away from jobs that require you to pay registration fees unless they can prove their legitimacy. You can earn up to INR 10 on each paragraph you type.

    3. Post Classifieds

    Post Classified Ads On Websites For Clients

    You have to post classified ads on websites that list such ads. You post ads for different companies and clients and can earn up to INR 15k a month. It is another easy and convenient home based work for housewives without investment.

    4. Blogs 

    Start Your Own Blog

    Alternatively, you can start your blog. Blogging is essentially content creation where you write about a wide range of topics from a set domain and get a dedicated user base, which then helps you raise ad revenue by running ads on your blog. You can write about fashion, beauty, home decor, health, mind, life tips, travel, financial tips, pregnancy, art and craft, movies, cooking, and anything that comes to your mind, which you believe people want to read about. The freedom that blogging provides makes it one of the best online jobs for housewives.

    5. SEO Jobs 

    SEO Job

    SEO jobs are in huge demand as companies are willing to pay enormous sums to get their businesses listed on the front page of any search engine when a related query is asked by a user. SEO blogs and articles can allow you to earn a significant amount of money, but you must first get SEO training. SEO jobs are very high paying among the online jobs for women at home and allow you to earn a significant amount per article or blog.

    6. Freelance Writing 

    Content Writing

    You can work as a content creator wherein you create content for websites, blogs, and other media houses. You can either create content from scratch using your own creativity or rewrite or copy from other sources. Remember being creative and original pays a lot more than merely copying. Freelance jobs for housewives are available, and clients are actively looking for writers who can write creative and original content. 

    7. Surveys

    Taking Surveys For Companies

    Another type of online jobs for women is completing surveys. You can do surveys done by various companies. These surveys take 30-45 minutes, and companies doing them do it to collect data about a lot of things. You can take these surveys, and companies will pay you for taking them.

    8. Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant Job

    You can work part-time as a virtual assistant on websites and help users with their queries. The live chat features on various websites is just a virtual assistant, and you can do the job to earn a handsome amount every month. 

    Online jobs for women are the best way for you to fill your free time and earn extra income for the household or just earn income for yourself without having to worry about your other responsibilities. Working from home can sound a bit far fetched and unattainable at first, but with time, you become more and more proficient at your work, and it becomes easier to find work and earn a healthy income without having to invest as much time or effort.

    While online jobs are convenient and pay handsomely, you must beware of scammers and scam websites that can steal your personal info, get you to do the work, and not pay you or even ask you for money to start work and then never revert to you. A good step would be asking for recommendations from friends or family or look for forums and message boards related to the online job you want to do and gather information before starting yourself.

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