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    25 Job Interview Tips To Get You Through The Process Confidently

    Interviewing for a job can be stressful. It can be hard, especially during the lockdown, when getting a job or even sustaining one is a challenge due to the global economic situation. To help you prepare, here are a few interview preparation tips broken down into an easy guide that you can follow to win that dream job of yours.

    Whether it’s a phone interview or a face to face interview, you need to make a great impression. It’s not enough to Google the most common interview questions anymore; you must be prepared for any interview scenario. From figuring out how to handle the toughest questions to dressing right, these interview tips will help you bring your A-game.

    5 Helpful Tips For Before The Interview

    Tips For Before The Job Interview

    Spend a few hours before the interview following these interview tips to be well-prepared for it and demonstrating that you are the most qualified candidate for the role. 

    1. Research The Company And Job Role

    Research The Company And Job Role Before Going To Job Interview

    During this crucial time, you have to prepare on how to handle an interview. Start by reading the company’s website and the job description to learn about the background of the company and which skills of yours will align with the company’s goals.

    2. Conduct Mock Interviews

    An important interview tip is preparing answers to common interview questions so you understand how to talk about yourself, your interests, and qualifications in a professional manner. You can ask a friend to conduct a mock interview to give you feedback on various aspects like your body language, tone, and appearance. If no one is available, you can record yourself and assess the video.

    3. Demonstrate Technical Skills

    Brush Up On Technical Skills Before The Interview

    In addition to preparing for the common interview questions, you should brush up on any skill related questions in case of a technical interview. A job interview is no time to downplay your achievements instead create a portfolio of your past work to showcase your contributions. 

    4. Prepare Questions For The Interviewer

    Prepare Questions For The Interviewer Before The Interview

    One of the great interview techniques is to prepare a set of questions to ask the interviewer. This is an opportunity for you to understand if the role and company are the right fit for you and is a chance to show the interviewer that you have taken time to carefully consider the role. Questions can be about the job itself; for example, what kind of projects will you be working on while working at the company or the performance expectations of the role. Women often hesitate to discuss salaries, but you can discuss salary expectations for future negotiations.

    5. Follow Up With The Interviewer

    Asking the below questions of your recruiter or the HR  will assist you in preparing yourself properly for the interview.

    • Who will I be meeting with?
    • What is the typical interview process like?
    • What does the ideal candidate look like for this role?
    • How quickly are you looking to fill this position?

    3 Important Tips For The Day Of Interview

    Tips For The Day Of Interview

    These job interview tips will help you overcome the unique challenges of interviewing and help you put your best foot forward.

    1. Plan Your Outfit

    Plan Your Outfit For The Interview

    The last thing you want is trying to figure out your attire last minute in the morning. Of the many interview preparation tips, one is to pick your entire outfit the night before including footwear based on the dress code of the workplace. 

    2. Carry Essentials

    Print out an extra set of copies of your resume and portfolio, if applicable in case of multiple interviewers. Carry a pen and a notebook in case you need to make notes.  If it’s an all-day thing, maybe bring a snack or extra makeup.

    3. Plan Your Schedule

    An interview preparation tip many miss is being on time. Map your route and estimate traffic to make sure you get to the location 10-15 minutes early. Being late for your interview leaves a bad impression and can affect the outcome of the interview. 

    5 Telephonic Interview Tips That Can Help You Create A Good Impression

    Telephonic Interview Tips

    Many firms choose to have the first round of interviews on a call. These telephone interview tips are a cheat sheet that will allow you to be prepared for them.

    1. Be Clear On The Details

    Ask for clarity on the time and duration of the phone interview and the details of the interviewer so you can prepare accordingly. 

    2. Gather Your Tools

    Gather Your Essentials Before The Telephonic Interview

    Have the phone charger plugged nearby, headphones, a glass of water, and a notepad so you don’t have to search for them during the call and get disturbed due to it.

    3. Find A Comfortable, Quiet Place

    Avoid any distractions and noise during the interview by choosing a location with minimal background noise like a separate room at home or a conference room at work.

    4. Talk Slowly And Listen

    Talk Slowly And Listen During The Interview

    A crucial telephone interview tip is to make sure your voice is strong and you sound energetic. Pay attention to the questions and reply in a slow but composed manner. 

    5. Introduce Yourself

    Start the conversation by introducing yourself in a professional manner and making small talk by asking about their day or the weather. Be polite and do not talk over them, rather wait for them to finish talking. 

    5 Video Interview Tips To Help You Handle The Process With Confidence

    Skype Interview Tips

    More and more employers are using video calls for their interviews. Take your digital interviewing skills to the next level with these Skype interview tips.

    1. Do A Test Run

    Do a video call with a friend to check for any technical difficulties and check for internet or hardware issues. Check if you are seen and heard clearly and the microphone and camera are working correctly.

    2. Minimise Distractions

    Choose a quiet location with no background noise and set up your system in a way that there’s no clutter behind you that’s visible on the screen and there’s suitable lighting available.

    3. Dress Appropriately

    Dress Appropriately On The Interview Day

    An important Skype interview tip people miss is just because it’s a video call interview it doesn’t mean you can dress informally. Wear clean, pressed formal clothes to give the right impression to the interviewers. 

    4. Check Your Posture

    Do not sit too close or too far from the screen. Make sure you appear well-proportioned and your head and upper chest are visible online.

    5. Practice Your Body Language

    Use your face to show that you’re engaged in the conversation and occasionally nod your head and use gestures to explain your point. Maintain eye contact with the person to show that you’re listening. 

    5 Face-To-Face Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

    Face To Face Interview Tips

    While you might be familiar with the basics, these face to face interview tips will help you dazzle the hiring manager and get the job.

    1. Pamper Yourself

    One of the major interview techniques is to look your best. If that means you need a facial, haircut, wax, or even a new interview outfit, then, by all means, do it. Don’t forget about the little things like shine your shoes, check for loose hems and make sure your fingernails look manicured. This is the stuff that you don’t always think people notice, but they do!

    2. Maintain Eye Contact

    Your posture and body language convey a message too. Make sure your movements are not distracting or you don’t fidget often. Don’t feel shy and maintain good eye contact while answering and maintain good posture throughout.

    3. Shake Hands

    Shake Hands With Interviewer

    Leave a good first impression by shaking hands with all the interviewers. Do so while having a friendly smile and lock eyes with them. This displays confidence and energy and builds a solid reputation.

    4. Employ The STAR Interview Method

    When answering behavioural questions use the STAR framework to tell a meaningful story of your previous work experience. Use these four steps to answer “Tell me about a time when…” job interview questions.

    • Situation: Set the scene and give the necessary details of your example.
    • Task: Describe what your responsibility was in that situation.
    • Action: Explain exactly what steps you took to address it.
    • Result: Share what outcomes your actions achieved.

    5. Have A Positive Attitude

    One of the key job interview tips is being genuine. Do not speak negatively about your previous employers or colleagues. Respond tactfully and authentically to the questions and focus on your qualifications and achievements.

    Tips For After The Interview That You Must Take Note Of

    Tips For After The Interview

    1. Send A Thank You Note

    Another one of the interview techniques to stand out from the other candidates is sending a thank you email. After you’re done with the interview, send a personalised thank you email to the interviewers within a day’s time. Keep it short and simple.

    2. Follow Up

    If you haven’t received a reply in a week, you can use this as an opportunity to ask them the next steps in the interview process. You can do this either on a phone call or email and understand the company policy regarding hiring.

    As a job seeker, your goal whether it’s a video call or an in-person interview is to show you’re the right person for the job. Use these interview tips to become confident about the interview process. This is a good opportunity to be well prepared in every interview format and lead to favourable results. 

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