Your Long Distance Relationship Can Use The Help Of These Apps For Couples

1. Love Nudge

It is not uncommon for women to complain about their partners’ lack of expression or romantic efforts. Even when the men do make an attempt, seldom are they able to meet the expectations of their lady love. How cool would it be if your partner knew exactly how you wanted them to express their love for you?

2. Kast

Want to catch the latest movie or series on Netflix with your significant other? Kast saves you from the hassle of switching tabs between Netflix and video calling or even using two different screens. The app makes it possible to watch content together, and share your views on it right then and there.

3.  LokLok

You lock your phone and your chosen lock screen appears. This app allows you to turn your lock screen picture into a canvas that you can share with your partner. One can choose to draw, doodle, use photos or write sweet notes. LokLok gives you ample opportunity to express your love, every time you lock your phone.

4. Between – Private Couples App

This application is like a private chatroom for a couple. Couples can send each other messages, video recordings, photos and even share a countdown for upcoming important dates using this one simple app.

5. Idealationship For Couples

One cannot deny that distance does take a toll on a romantic relationship. Less conversation, more often than not, implies less connection. Idealationship For Couples aims to tackle this very problem. The app is designed with an intention to help the couple strengthen their bond by addressing problems that are difficult to discuss, give more time to the relationship and prioritize their partner over other things.