Young Indian Female Influencers To Watch Out For

Leeza Mangaldas 

As much as we all are trying to normalise it, sex is still a taboo topic and Leeza is doing a great job in educating people about it. When it comes to talking about sex and creating content about it one should be careful to not sound vulgar about it else it attracts the wrong kind of audience. Leeza is very mindful about the topic she talks about as she also educates about female pleasure. Leeza needs to reach out to more people as that is one of the ways people will stop thinking that talking about sex is a crime.

Sakshi Sindwani 

Sakshi became an internet sensation when she started talking about plus size fashion and body positivity in a way that was the need of the hour. She now has a huge following on her social media because she has received a lot of love from her followers who support her for who she is, aur waise bhi, size me kya rakha hai? She makes the saying ‘Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes’ true. Coming to her fashion content, her dressing sense is a dream is aspirational and a come true for a fashion lover. Her style is bold, sassy and she is unapologetically her and we love that!

Alfiya Karim Khan    

Also known as Trend Elite, Alfiya is our favourite modest fashion queen! She has a wonderful fashion sense when it comes to clothes that don’t show much skin and has proven to the internet that you don’t have to wear short clothes if you want to be a fashionista. With an amazing fashion sense, Alfiya also has tons of budget shopper videos that can be very helpful if you are looking to shop durable things on a budget.

Manasi MAU    

Talking about being on a budget, one name that pops right up is Manasi’s. Manasi started her Youtube channel and Instagram while she was in college and she started creating makeup videos using drugstore products that were the most affordable to her and she did manage to find some good picks. Her followers trust her because of how true and honest she is when it comes to reviewing products and picking brands for collaborations.

Ruhee Dosani    

Do you want someone’s videos to fill you with energy whenever you visit their profile? Follow Ruhee right now! Her dance videos will lift your mood up like nothing else and get you dancing. She records short videos on Bollywood songs and ad songs. Ruhee gained fame after her video on Badshah Masala ad song went viral and people have been loving her since then.