You Need These 5 Hygiene Tips If You’re Prone To Underboob Sweat


1. Invest Only In Loose Fitting Clothes Loose-fitted ones enable uninterrupted air circulation between the breasts, preventing the area around your boobs from getting soaked in perspiration.

2. Go For Breathable Fabrics Nothing like cotton for your skin to breathe freely. Synthetic fabrics like polyester trap moisture into the skin, which makes you sweat even more profusely.

3. Wear Light Coloured Clothes  But, on the flip side, wearing dark-coloured clothes make you sweat even more. Which is equivalent to feeling uncomfortable.

4. Spritz Anti-Perspirant Over Your Chest Do a skin test of an antiperspirant of your choice on your armpits and if that does cause rashes, you can safely use it on your chest as well.

5. Avoid Intake Of Foods That Cause Odour Spicy foods like chilli peppers are known to be one of the root causes of smelly sweat. Apart, sulphur-rich foods like broccoli and cabbage also result in the same.