Yoga Guru Sohan Singh Recommends Functional Yoga Asanas For Women Over 40

📷 The journey towards good health and fitness has no age limit. With growing awareness about the benefits of yoga for women, people have become increasingly motivated to work out. Women over 40 are at higher risk for bone problems and struggle with perimenopause, which affects their overall health. Yoga is one of the best ways to deal with these issues and stay fit even after 40.

1. How does yoga help women over 40 with their health & fitness?

The 40s is a crucial decade where one starts seeing their body entering into a more venerable stage. You may notice that there might be some tasks you might find challenging to carry out. From constant backaches to the beginning of the joint pains, the body starts sending these signals of early signs of ageing. Yoga can help you delay ageing and also prepare your body for the imminent body stiffness. Yoga is beneficial for maintaining: – A healthy heart – improves blood pressure and lowers hypertension

2. What are the benefits of yoga for perimenopausal women?

Perimenopause is a phase in women’s lives where they go through a plethora of hormonal and emotional changes. During this phase, I advise my female clients to indulge in yoga asanas that can soothe their bodies and calm their minds. The body, in this phase, needs a lot of composure. From sudden hot flashes to bouts of anxiety and stress, women need to ease out their bodies.

Step-By-Step Guide: 5 Yoga Poses For Women Over 40 1. Seetkari Pranayama (Cool Breathing)

1. Cross your legs and sit in a comfortable position. 2. Keep your spine straight. 3. Relax the facial muscles and loosen your shoulders. 4. Clench the lower and upper teeth together, gently. Separate the lips as much as you can. Keep the jaw relaxed and expose your teeth. 5. Inhale. Focus on your breath. Exhale from your nostrils. 6. Repeat this 3-4 times with 20-25 breaths every time.

2. Prasarita Padottana-Asana (Wide-Leg Forward Fold)

1. Separate your legs 4 feet apart 2. Point your toes slightly inwards 3. Place both your hands on the waist. 4. Place your tail-bone directly on the floor. 5. Inhale; raise the chest up. 6. Exhale; extend forward and raise the hips up towards the sky. 7. Place your palms on the floor or on a block. 8. Place a bolster between the legs, and rest the head on it. 9. Pull the kneecaps up and press the outer and inner ankles towards the ground.

3. Vipareeta Karani (Legs Up Against the Wall)

1. Sit facing the wall. 2. Place your hips a few inches away from it. 3. Lie down and raise your leg with wall support. Your lower back should touch the floor. If not, place a bolster. 4. Keep your arms a few inches away from the body and open the palms facing the ceiling. 5. Decompress your entire body and stay in this pose for a few minutes. 6. While releasing the pose, bend the knees and drop them down towards the right. 7. Sit up.