Yami Gautam: Natural Beauty, Natural Hair

– Ayurvedic Hair Care: Explore Ayurvedic hair care practices using natural herbs like amla, shikakai, and henna.

– Neem Oil Scalp Treatment: Incorporate neem oil into your hair care routine to address scalp issues like dandruff and itchiness.

– Avocado Hair Mask: Create a nourishing avocado hair mask to moisturize and soften your hair.

– Regular Brushing: Brush your hair regularly with a wide-tooth comb to distribute natural oils and detangle gently.

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– Hibiscus Hair Rinse: Use hibiscus flower-infused water as a hair rinse to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall.

– Protective Scarves: Wrap your hair in a silk or cotton scarf while outdoors to shield it from environmental damage.

– Overnight Hair Masks: Indulge in overnight hair masks with ingredients like olive oil and honey to restore shine and vitality.

– Natural Hair Drying: Air-dry your hair instead of using hot blow dryers to minimize heat damage and preserve your hair's health.