Winter Skin Care Masks To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Rosewater & Cucumber Mask  

One of the benefits of rose water on the face is that it suits all skin types. This face pack with cool cucumber is perfect for sensitive skin. Ingredients: – ½ cucumber – 1 teaspoon of honey – 1 tablespoon of rose water (gulabjal)

Almonds & Honey Mask

Almonds are best known for effectively nourishing your skin, reversing sun damage and removing excess oil. When combined with honey, it serves as a natural exfoliating face pack that helps slough of dead skin while still being gentle. Ingredients: – 3 tablespoons of ground raw almonds – 1 teaspoon of honey

Haldi & Dahi Face Pack    

What’s better than a plain turmeric face pack? It’s this wholesome turmeric (haldi), coffee and dahi face pack! Rich in antioxidants, this is the perfect pack to get rid of tan and hyperpigmentation. Get rejuvenated, even, smooth and soft skin with this face pack. Ingredients: – 1 tablespoon of coffee powder – 1 tablespoon of turmeric (haldi) – 1 tablespoon of curd (dahi)

Ghee, Haldi & Neem Mask    

We know that turmeric can give your skin a healthy glow but did you know that it also has antibacterial properties? Hence, it can keep your skin clear and smooth. Neem’s antioxidant boost will protect your skin against the effects of ageing. Ingredients: – 1 teaspoon of neem powder – ½ teaspoon of haldi – 1 teaspoon of ghee

Haldi & Banana Face Mask      

Banana and its peels are excellent homemade remedies for treating acne and pimples. Turmeric (haldi) gently gets rid of bacteria without harming the skin. This concoction is also a great way to get a hydrating fruit facial for sensitive skin. Ingredients: – 1 ripe banana – A pinch of turmeric (haldi)