Winter Skin Care Masks To Keep The Dryness Away

Papaya & Honey Mask  

This papaya mask is ideal for people who feel like their skin looks dull, dry and lifeless. This mask is sure to give a nice dewy shine to the face. The enzymes in papaya help clear the skin and the turmeric (haldi) gets rid of spots and hyperpigmentation.

Milk, Haldi & Lemon Juice Face Mask

This mask combines the skin brightening and lightening benefits of turmeric (haldi) and lemon. It helps hydrate your skin well and the milk adds B-vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids, calcium, and other potent antioxidants.

Strawberry & Honey Face Mask    

This mask is a great way to experience the benefits of honey for improving skin health. It instantly brightens the face naturally. For best results, use this mask once a week.

Vitamin E Mask    

This face mask combines the goodness of two natural powerhouse ingredients to leave you with skin that feels pampered and hydrated. Ingredients: – 2 vitamin E capsules – 6 tablespoons of organic coconut oil

Haldi & Chandan Mask      

This mask is tried and tested by Kareena Kapoor Khan and works to hydrate your dry skin. It helps to bring a glow to your skin in the winter season. Ingredients: – 2 tablespoons of sandalwood (chandan) – 2 drops of vitamin E – A pinch of turmeric (haldi) – Milk