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Why Overnight Masks That Are Replacing Night Creams - Explained

At times your skin needs something a little bit extra. While travelling, pollution, caffeine, lack of sleep and such similar factors can do a lot of damage to your skin during an average day, if one had the option of getting back home and putting on something that relaxes and eases the damage, then unarguably that would be the best thing!

Is it true that one should look for sleep masks rich in AHA, peptides and ceramides?

Ceramides strengthen your skin’s barrier and locks in hydration. This will result in smoother, firmer skin and will help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. – AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid holds a lot of benefits for a woman’s skin. They help in visibly brightening skin, reduces and prevents acne, promotes blood flow to the skin, helps in collagen production, increases product absorption and so much more. – Peptides help in improving the skin’s appearance and maintain a smooth, healthy-looking surface.

Apart from restoring moisture, do sleep masks help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes, sleep masks do help women struggling with ageing signs. These overnight masks mostly contain ceramides, peptides & retinol which promotes collagen production as mentioned above and thereby delay the onset of lines and wrinkles.

How should a person with sensitive skin choose an overnight sleep mask?

Someone with sensitive skin should choose a light, hydrating sleep mask with milder actives such as hyaluronic acid. Sensitive skin tends to go hand-in-hand with dryness & dehydration, therefore HA will be your first-aid kit in this case.

Should an overnight mask be used every day? And is it necessary to wash off the mask in the morning?

Sleep masks can be used 3 times a week (more if your skin can tolerate it). They act as an overnight barrier to keep dust particles from entering your pores at night. Washing them in the morning is necessary because otherwise, the collected dust particles keep sitting on your face.

Too much of anything can be harmful to us, including water. So using a sleep mask as a moisturizer and applying it too often may be detrimental to your skin since they are more concentrated than basic moisturizers. It is important to not overuse it.

Are there any drawbacks or safety concerns when including a sleep mask in one’s skincare routine?

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