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What Indian Matchmaking Gets Right (& You Should Be Prepared For)

“It will be difficult to find someone who is well-educated, successful and someone who satisfies both mother and daughter.” Yes, Aunty really said this! But truth be told, it’s not uncommon for parents to have different parameters when looking for a match for you than your own. A classic is that women are open to men in creative fields, while parents prefer something more traditional because they believe it provides respect and steady income. So, engineers in, photographers out!

Akshay, the typical Indian mamma’s boy says “My mom is literally what I want to be looking at in a wife”. And don’t be astonished when you find that this is more commonplace in India than you’d be willing to accept. Sons are close to their mums, just as daughters are close to their dads. You just need to gauge whether it’s healthy affection or whether your mum-in-law will always play third wheel in your marriage.

Fellow matchmaker Geeta expresses that women have to be more emotionally giving. It’s of course, not compulsory to be this way however if you are, don’t consider it a sign of weakness. Biology is loud and clear about the fact that women are built to be more emotional, caring and protective. Embrace it instead of apologising for it or convincing yourself you’re cowering down to convention because you’re too emotional. You do you; No explanations needed!

Astrology is like an insurance in successful Indian marriages. The first thing which happens in arranged marriages is actually the matching of the kundalis. And, it’s not just parents, but many individuals looking to get married believe it too. Some may believe in numerology, some tarot, some face reading, some in the power of crystals and stones; one shouldn’t judge when it comes to the matters of faith. You may disagree, but don’t view people who do as regressive or superstitious, or silly. That’s simply not your place.

Marriage in India is a million dollar industry and the checklist both the parties have is longer than Sima Aunty’s grocery list. This is just a fact!

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