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Ways For Parents To Prepare Their Firstborn For A Sibling

1. Breaking The News The Right Way

It’s vital to talk to your child about the arrival of a sibling in advance. And most importantly, it’s best that you talk to them before someone walks up to your child and says, “Aren’t you excited about having a new baby brother or sister?” You want to be careful not to build up the ability of the new baby to be a playmate and to satisfy the needs of the other child.

2. Start Preparing For A Change In Schedules

Most kids have their mothers take care of them, accompany them or be a major part of their everyday lives. This changes when then the new baby arrives. It becomes crucial for him/her to know that routines, schedules and activities will see changes. This should be done to make sure they don’t feel left out or ignored on the helm of the arrival of the baby.

3. Draw Up A Game Plan

As the due date gets closer, talk to your child about what will happen when mom (and dad) have to go to the hospital. Explain who will be caring for them and that not only will they be able to talk to mom on the phone but that they’ll be able to visit mom and the new baby after the baby is born. In the days before giving birth, try to keep a regular routine.

4. Welcome The “Help”

When going baby shopping, include your firstborn and hear out their suggestions. Ask for advice on which stroller looks fun, what toys to choose and even clothing. Getting your firstborn involved in the process will make them realize that they are an important, contributing member of the family and that the life of the new sibling is something they should be part of.

5. Recognize That There Is Life Outside the Baby

t is natural for family, friends and guests to coo over the new baby and shower it with attention. However, it is vital that your firstborn doesn’t feel left out. Sometimes you may want to draw attention from the new baby and put it back on your preschooler.

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